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Wonderful Bali

Bali20 Feb 2016 - 26 Feb 2016

I dived 10 times in Bali when was there in february.

We went to local dive sites from Candidasa (near to Padang bay)

The first dive was terrible and frightening - for me - because I was overweighted (before used 10kg in Egyp) A strong current took away me but guide was professional and saved me.

The second dive at tepekong wes fantastic. I saw my first white-tip shark there. (Actually you always can see shark/s there because there is a cave where they live)

After we went the other famous spots, as Blue Lagoon, Padang bay harbour, Tulamben (USS Liberty).

What can you see there? Beautiful macro themes with lots of nudibranches, mantis shrimp, batfish, turtles, frog fish, stone fishes, puffer fish, lionfish and so on.

The last two dives were the best:

We went to Bahia and Tepekong. There was strong currents so you have to be advanced diver if go there. At Bahia we saw a big white-tip shark in the cave, after dive along the wall. At Tepekong we saw 3-4 small white-tip sharks, nudibranches, and a lot small species, big lobsters but the greatest thing was a big, nice turtle at the bottom.

Here is a video about the last dive:


vlcsnap 2016 09 11 12h16m23s0 GOPR1533 vlcsnap 2016 09 11 12h25m01s47 vlcsnap 2016 09 11 12h28m40s255 vlcsnap 2016 09 11 12h29m04s245

Edward Callahan

Watched the youtube video - looks great :)

Gano Hughes

Nice report!

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