Dive Report on Socorro Island, Mexico

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Majestic Mantas, Dancing Dolpins and Haunting Hammerheads

Socorro Island29 Dec 2016 - 6 Jan 2017 with Nautilus Belle Amie

Just returned from an amazing trip aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie. What a first-class operation! Great crew, wonderful meals and diving that makes me want to go back....soon! The rooms were large, the bathrooms full-size with a shower that had hot water and great water pressure. The beds were comfortable and the room was convenient to the dive deck and sun deck.

The RIBs they used took a minute to figure out getting in and out, although it was a pretty simple procedure. The RIB was brought up on deck to get in over the side and when coming back, gear was handed up from the side and then walked up a stable ladder that was hooked over the side. Not too complicated since we had small swells, may have been a much different deal if we had rough seas.

We were fortunate with perfect weather, water temps 78-80 F and viz 80-100 ft. The crossing was smooth with a few side swells, but it's open ocean not a lake! We dove San Benedicto (El Canon), Socorro (Roca O'Neal), Roca Partida and back to San Benedicto (El Boiler). The Mantas were out in full force, seven on one dive and they were FRIENDLY!! Lots of video footage! We were greeted with clicks and whistles as we dropped into the water at the Boiler - the dolphins were waiting to put on a show! As we descended and got into position, the dolphins lined up in a row "standing" on their tails and then it was like someone turned on the music. In unison they started bobbing their heads and a few were moving their mouths as if singing - - I know, it sounds like I was narc'ed out of my mind, but I have the video! Truly memorable!

If you are thinking about making the trip - - STOP thinking and get it reserved! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Adam Cohen

I'm going May 6th - I am psyched out of my mind!!

Tony Chaar

Did u see hammerheads ? Jan

Traci Quick

Some saw a small school in the distance and a few of us saw a couple of singles cruising on the sand below us.

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