Dive Report on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Cheese Burger Reef

Grand Cayman1 Jan 2016 - 15 Jan 2017 with The Lobster Pot Dive center

Cheese Burger reef, runs from behind Burger King in George town to Lobster Pot Dive Center. Its considered Lobster Pots house reef.

The Boat lane for the dock is clearly marked and staff offer guided dives of the reef or a full site briefing if you choose to dive as a buddy team.

Its a common site for DSD's and training due to the depth and short swim from shore.

Sand at 15ft front of the reef - 40 ft back of the reef. The reef itself stands 1ft underwater to the sand. Due to its position, it is well protected in the Bay. Providing a fishy reef with lots of Juvenile fish. There are two swim though on the reef. Often full of large Tarpon. Common to see Lobster, Rays, Eels and Turtles also on the reef and in the sand.

Occasionally sandy at the front the viz is on a bad day 20 - 40ft but usually around 60 - 80ft

Great place for a night dive, look out for squid, octopus and sleeping Parrot fish in their mucous layer.

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