Dive Report on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Kittiwake Wreck - Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman1 Jan 2016 - 8 Jan 2017 with The Lobster Pot Dive center

The Wreck of the Kittiwake lies off shore in Grand Cayman, to the North - top end of 7 mile beach.

The Sand lies around 60ft ad the Ship has moved slightly down a sand slop nearer to the reef and wall following storms. The Ship is now slightly angled, tilted into the sand. It stands in tact and almost exactly parallel to the shore and wall.

Having now been underwater for 6 years, it has some great life and regular visitors. Its a great purposefully sunk and designed for diving wreck, it has large open spaces. It is clean and tidy but still has more than enough set up on it to get the feel of the wreck and its original features.

Lobster Pot give fully guided tours, full wreck penetration to suit the group. Very interesting dive, you perfectly wind your way up the wreck from bottom layer to top, the captains cabin, and top deck sit at 6-5 meters 15ft at the top. Perfect for you safety stop.

Look out for Moray, Giant Barracuda, Turtles, Huge schools of fish on the Wreck itself and Garden Eel, Eagle Ray and Southern Stingrays in the Sand.

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