Dive Report on Mauritius, Mauritius

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Rating 7/10

Mauritius Apr '17

Mauritius8 Apr 2017 - 24 Apr 2017

12 Great dives, no big stuff but still plenty to see. Some plankton around on a couple of days which gave a milky quality to the dive sites, other days were 40m +.

Dive Spirit couldn't have been more helpful in both tailoring dives to our level (2 DM's with around 7000 between us) *& accommodating the kids.


Djebeda - wreck dice off Coin de Mar 40m

Stella Maru, Chilli Drop (both from Troux Aux Biches).

Whilst not mind blowing, it's what holiday diving is about.




Edward Callahan

Lovely wreck shot!

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