Dive Report on Mahé, Seychelles

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Diving on a graveyard..'

Mahé15 Apr 2017 - 23 Apr 2017 with Dive Seychelles Underwater Centre

Forget the advertising.... no more whale shark since 7 years.... a lot of the coral grounds around mahe are just piles of dead coral, overgrown by seeweed. together with the disappearing polyps the fish life is also less than expected ! So , above the water the seychelles are still the pristine islands as everyone knows from the postcards, under water global warming is distroying most of the beauty.... perhaps the islands further away are less touched ?

The dive center was,ok, but no possibilities for noght diving, wreck diving, nitrox,....


Luke Goodrige

That is so sad! And great that you posted such an honest report up on here,


Nick T. Morrison

That sucks! I see DR.com guys have now removed Whale Sharks from the calendar now. Good job Philippe :)

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