Dive Report on Cape Town, South Africa

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Rating 10/10

Great diving

Cape Town30 Oct 2017 - 8 Nov 2017

We did 3 dives only with Pisces divers, but what we saw can be compared with a week of diving in e.g. Egypt. Our first dive was with seals, the visibility is not very good for photography, but they get enough close so that you can enjoy them. Next dive was in kelp forest, unfortunately 7 gill sharks vanished and we didn't see any, but we saw an octopus and several cute cat sharks. And the last dive was an oceanic dive with blue sharks and they get VERY close, so cool.

If you decide to head here:

1) Bring a dry suit, if you don't have it - buy it, water temperature is 14 to 17 degrees Celsium

2) Put on a lot of warm clothes once on the oceanic dive because it is a long journey

3) Take Dramamine or alternatives every day or it is going to ruin all your experience, oceanic dive is a 2hr journey 1 way and the boats are tiny :( sometimes there is no place to sit except for the floor

4) Be careful with items you have with/on you, one of divers who was with us had a selfie stick in silver while diving with blue sharks *facepalm and the shark approached her and started chewing the stick!! It lasted for several seconds, luckily she wasn't wounded

See also a video from this trip on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d9NGATDH3g

Jorge Moreno

Great experience Thanks

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