Dive Report on Cape Town, South Africa

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The weekend that's been 18-20 November 2011

Cape Town18 Nov 2011 - 20 Nov 2011

The weekend that's been was a most memorable one for diving in Cape Town...especially for those that were lucky enough to take off work on Friday. It had without a doubt the best visibility of the three days with reports of 25m meter. A further highlight was the massive schools of Sardines that has been trapped in shore, an amazing sight to witness. By Saturday the plankton bloom turned the water green and only deeper down could the very clean water still be enjoyed. (Leaving you with a photo from Saturday and one from Sunday, taken in the shallows)

I saw: Seals
DSC8736 DSC8378
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Catherine Jones

Amazing pictures with brilliant colour! Sounds like a great few days diving :)

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Great report Aqua Soul, I think I might add Cape Town to my dive wish list

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