Dive Report on Roatan, Honduras

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Cruise Dive

Roatan24 Jan 2010 - 31 Jan 2010

A cruise I was on stopped in Roatan for one day in January 2010. My newly certified friend and I booked a two tank dive through Subway Watersports and they picked us up right outside the gates of the Mahogany Bay cruise terminal.

We dove a wall site for our first dive and a reef for our second. Immediately upon descending we saw an eagle ray, which is my favourite, but sadly it just kept right on going.

The reef was in great shape with a fantastic diversity of coral and fish life. These were two very easy dives which I was glad of for my newbie buddy. The water was at the low end of my warm scale and I wore my 3 mm wetsuit and was quite comfortable as a result.

Had an encounter with a puffer fish who was not at all pleased by my strobe flash. Also spotted a pair of adult lionfish.

Roatan Roatan 2 Roatan 3 Roatan 4 Roatan 5
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Catherine Jones

Excellent Photos, i love the pufferfish one, he definitely doesnt look pleased!

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