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Rating 10/10

Magic Point

Sydney1 May 2012 - 7 Jun 2012

Magic point is easily one of my favourite sites in Sydney. Shore diving the site is far more rewarding, just a lot more tiring. You drop down over the main cave that is filled with 15-20 grey nurse shark, in the kelp at 20m are often weedy sea dragons and giant bull rays and oceanic rays but my personal favourite sighting and easily best thing i have ever seen in my thousands of dives was an octopus and moray eels wrestling for around 5 mins to the death, i was cheering the octopus on but unfortunately the moray won :-( It was so surreal i kept thinking i am really watching this. Magic point has been absolutely kicking off in the last few weeks with sightings of a green turtle, up to 10 giant cuttlefish per dive and of course the grey nurse sharks. Just incredible!


Nathan Murphy

Wow - that sounds incredible! Octopus Vs Moray could become a film!

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