Dive Report on Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

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Rating 9/10

MY Cyclone - Northern Wrecks Reefs

Sharm el Sheikh14 Apr 2012 - 22 Apr 2012

Where to go was the the dilemma, the Red Sea is always a good option, the weather and water temperature is pretty much spot on depending on the time of year and there is still an abundance of marine life along with the possibility of shark sightings.

We chose a Livaboard as we simply wanted a pure diving holiday, it was excellent value for money and the accommodation was great.

We visited all of the usual wreck sites inc. the Thistlegorm and all of the usual suspects of Sha'ab Abu Nuhâs reef, sadly we couldn't visit the Rosalie Moller due to the area around the Straits of Gobal being closed by the military.

A number of the reefs we visited are still in spectacular condition, as is Ras Mohammed National Marine Park, all in all I would recommend this holiday to any diving enthusiast.

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Mickael Jeunes

Nice report Tanya! The wreck looks cool - which is the wreck in the photo?

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