Dive Report on Taveuni, Fiji

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Rating 8/10

Nasonisoni Passage

Taveuni15 Jan 2012 - 27 Mar 2012

Listed in the Lonely Planet guidebook as one of the top 5 dive sites in Fiji the passage has more current than a Christmas cake if you catch my drift. Boom boom.

At some points during the dive here I thought I was in a washing machine, the currents can be that strong! It's a supper fun packed dive with loads to see providing your not shooting by at 100 mph. While down there you'll see some amazing coral formations, big groupers and trevallies, sharks, barracudas and perhaps if your insanely lucky manta rays!

The dive site itself is situated just of Nasonisoni Island [or as its known locally Navatu island] and can be dived from Savusavu dive resorts [Koro Sun Dive].

I recommended having done some drifting before heading there, again definitely worth a visit.

IMG1032 IMG1060 IMG1041

Nathan Murphy

Sounds tricky diving!


Mickael Jeunes

Guessing not a beginner dive site! Maybe in the future...

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