Hello everybody,

I am very new to this community and I am hoping that I can connect.

I will travel in Borneo (Malaysia) in October and I am already starting to organise my diving.

I have contacted a number of places and they all replied to me with offers including accommodations and pretty high prices. I am aware that it will be an expensive experience but I do not wanna book something in advance and arrive there at the last moment regretting my choice(s). I am forced to book in advance as I need to arrange permits and so forth. Of course my top priority is Sipadan.

I was wondering if you guys are kind enough to share your experience(s) and advises with me, it would be great if you let me know who did you dive with, if you recommend them and so forth..

thank you in advance


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Alla Zakharenko

Hi Giovanni :) I dove with Scuba Junkie guys and stayed on Mabul Island, it was a very good experience, we were lucky enough to even spot a whale shark. Sure Sipadan was a lifetime experience. Here is my video from that trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeAPubpGiGo I don't recommend staying in Semporna even though it is much cheaper as this town is very dirty and SJ hotel there leaves much to be desired, while the one on Mabul was great.

Giovanni Alemanno

hi, thank you so much for the info, because of the virus I had to postpone but I will keep your info for the future :)

Tebinn Guil


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