Is it legal to go blue whale diving in Sri Lanka as of 2018?

i have been looking around at places to dive with blue whales. It is impossible to swim with whales in the united states. I like the sound of going to india, but is it still legal to dive with the blue whales... i heard there was a government ban 10 months ago.

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Faarufushi Maldives

Northern Atolls1 Aug 2018 - 1 Aug 2018

The entire reef stops at around 15-17m, and the remainder of the deeper parts did not look particularly

interesting, so it looks like a perfect reef for house reef divers to start or finish their diving on, and

perfect for Snorkeling also. For the most part it is very healthy-looking and abundant with life, and we

were impressed by how little rubbish there was on the reef considering the building work ongoing. We

hope that it remains this way during the rest of the building for the ongoing year.

Rating 7/10

Olhuveli Beach and Report - Maldives

Male Atoll6 Apr 2018 - 20 Apr 2018

A second visit 8 years in the making! A welcome return to the location where we honeymooned complete with upgraded room.

The place is lovey and clean inside and out, with staff even raking the sand!

The food is excellent and the only fault is the time waiting for drinks in the bar.

Staff are very attentive. There is entertainment each night, day trips and watersports to keep you busy on down days.

The place is a 45 minute speedboat ride from the airport straight to the jetty where the dive club is.

Well organised, safe and very knowledgeable dive guides. Especially Marie-san.

The diving is hard work and the currents are strong most times. Certain sites you can only dive with inbound currents so marinelife is attracted such as sharks and eagle rays.

Negative entry can be expected due to the currents and need to get to 30 meters as soon as possible so as not to miss the site.

That said the abundance of turtles, rays and sharks was worth it.

The olhuveli make you do a skills test on the house reef and first dive. mask clear, reg retrieval and out of air scenario.

This is a pleasant dive and in the evenings you can do a night dive.

Up until end April, the mantas are attracted by the plankton blooms. The Olhuveli place lights of the jetty and visitors are able to look down into the water and see them feeding. Meanwhile you can indulge in the underwater spectacle of gliding mantas. at approximately 4 meters you can hold onto the rock and watch them. This was fantastic. Then we went on to see free swimming shrimps, octopus and crabs.

The diving is good and at the same time if you want relaxing diving akin to Shimoni Island off of Africa, then this is not for you.

The resort spoils you and out of the water life is relaxed and chilled out.

Rating 4/10

Diving on a graveyard..'

Mahé15 Apr 2017 - 23 Apr 2017 with Dive Seychelles Underwater Centre

Forget the advertising.... no more whale shark since 7 years.... a lot of the coral grounds around mahe are just piles of dead coral, overgrown by seeweed. together with the disappearing polyps the fish life is also less than expected ! So , above the water the seychelles are still the pristine islands as everyone knows from the postcards, under water global warming is distroying most of the beauty.... perhaps the islands further away are less touched ?

The dive center was,ok, but no possibilities for noght diving, wreck diving, nitrox,....


Luke Goodrige

That is so sad! And great that you posted such an honest report up on here,


Nick T. Morrison

That sucks! I see guys have now removed Whale Sharks from the calendar now. Good job Philippe :)

Rating 7/10

Mauritius Apr '17

Mauritius8 Apr 2017 - 24 Apr 2017

12 Great dives, no big stuff but still plenty to see. Some plankton around on a couple of days which gave a milky quality to the dive sites, other days were 40m +.

Dive Spirit couldn't have been more helpful in both tailoring dives to our level (2 DM's with around 7000 between us) *& accommodating the kids.


Djebeda - wreck dice off Coin de Mar 40m

Stella Maru, Chilli Drop (both from Troux Aux Biches).

Whilst not mind blowing, it's what holiday diving is about.


Edward Callahan

Lovely wreck shot!

Vilamendhoo Island

Since Vilamendhoo Island has been highly recommended for scuba diving, we booked online Yet, I am confused since there seems to be another identical website and two different email adresses [email protected] and [email protected] In order to avoid any fraud,maybe someone could advise me on this matter. Both sites look absolutely identical.


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