Diving with Hammerheads

Is there anywhere you can reliably dive with them on day dives from resorts.

Looking at late July and wondered if liveaboards where not the only possibility as hard to leave family for days on end sadly


Joanne Roberts

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In Bimini you can, this is February/ March though.

Traci Quick

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San Sal, Bahamas. Riding Rock Resort.

Rating 10/10

Galapagos Diving Adventures !

Galapagos Islands20 Aug 2014 - 20 Aug 2014

Diving in Galapagos is considered to be something of a pinnacle in the scuba diving world. Its a unique experience that every diver should experience.!

In RED MANGROVE ,we will take you to enjoy an underwater Adventure in the Galapagos Islands: Santa Cruz and Isabela in our original Red Mangrove style. With only a short navigation from island to island, you will experience the best of each. Without missing the amazing land excursions.

For novice to advanced divers.

Follow this link and learn all about our adventures.! : http://goo.gl/9rHnPX

Rating 8/10

SCUBA diving with white-tipped reef sharks

My SCUBA dive instructor Abraham briefed me on the hand symbols for the different types of things we might see while we were diving. This included the hand signs for 4 different types of sharks (White tip, black tip, hammerhead, and Galapagos shark). This gave me only a mild panic attack as the entire Jaws movie genre flashed by. Luckily for my pride, I was able to forget about this just long enough to jump into the water.

Shark spotting: Ten minutes later we are around 40 feet deep, swimming along the rocky outcropping and cliffs that form North Seymour island. As we kept peeking in hidden caves along the bottom it occurred to me that we were actually looking for sharks!

The first cave was empty, a couple of brightly colored fish swimming about. But lo and behold, it wasn’t long before we found sharks left and right. Prior to this trip, my stereotype of sharks is that they are solitary, lonely creatures… primordial killing machines that devour any little fish in sight. Quite to the contrary, the sharks seemed to be hanging out together, taking a mid-afternoon siesta in the comfort of their cave, with the company of some little fish looked completely at ease. Some of the little fish were actually exhibiting what I later learned is “cleaning” behavior – where they eat parasites off the back of the sharks. Each shark was about 4 feet long, not big enough to eat me (I reasoned), but certainly big enough to make a nice snack out of one of my fingers if it should wake up in a bad mood. However, when the sharks woke up, they simply meandered off into the deep blue sea, perhaps to find a more secluded nap spot for the rest of the afternoon. My heart rate returned to normal, but with adrenaline pumping, and ready to go looking for more.

Rating 8/10


Galapagos Islands13 Oct 2012 - 20 Oct 2012

Losts of whales and dolphins; viz was a bit challenging; lots of marine life and huge schools of fish.

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