French Polynesia


Looking at a long winter break somewhere diving ... and reasonably warm...

Would appreciate some advice on where to go December/ January 2018.

Thinking Palau plus ?

Or French Polynesia

or Fiji...

Any pointers liveaboard vs land based ... any 2 centre suggestions ...



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The Great White Wall

Taveuni26 Nov 2017 - 30 Nov 2017 with Paradise Taveuni

The soft coral capital of the world’s signature dive offers an astounding wall of pure white soft coral. This site is definitely the world famous Rainbow Reef’s top draw. A coral encrusted swim – through leads onto the wall from the reef top. A dazzling myriad of color and life inhabits the reef top. Manta rays glide past with ethereal grace. On exiting the water from this site an awed silence lasts awhile before an excited chatter that lasts for days starts among divers. Not to be missed!


Edward Callahan

This sounds amazing!



where can I find the fish you have in your photo profile? I'm looking for a dive trip with big weird fishes :-)

dive palau in May, or save for the optimal jan-april time?

(and wondering if it's been impacted by El Nino this year)


Hayden Hindley

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Save diving palau for Jan/Apri.. much better conditions!


Mike Bednarz

0 votes

Would agree with Hayden

where in south pacific to dive in November

going to Hawaii in November 2014 and wondering if it might be feasible to tack on a side trip to another south pacific destination. anyone got some advice on that? thanks

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Morgan Bennett

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The South pacific is huge! Wherever its still going to be quite a lot extra travel time from Hawaii. I have always wanted to go to the Cook Islands!


Desmond Metzler

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How long have you got after your Hawaii trip?


Edward Callahan

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Kiribati perhaps? Hawaii is a long way from other South Pacific destinations like Fiji or Micronesia.

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Taveuni5 Jun 2012 - 4 Sep 2012

Diving out of Savusavu the main town on Venua Levu.

Dreamhouse is a poligic sight. You descend down onto the sea mount lying at 15 meters/50ft the sea mount itself is a cleaning station for batfish/sail fish.

Off the sea mount lives a resident school of 1-200 scalloped hammerheads. The current needs to be coming the right direction (onto the mount from the seaward side). You'll swim out off the seamount into the blue, the bottom is 400 meters/1200ft beneath you (you can't see it!) so I don't recommend this dive if you have a fear of open spaces!

There's a strong head current, if your not prepared for that it can be quite a stressful dive, so prepare for a leg work out! You swim out through the curtain of rainbow runner, jacks, surgeon fish and grey reef sharks into the blue. Upwelling brings up nutrients from the deep so the rest of the food chain is there to party, 100's of barracuda's, tuna and smaller fish, and then shimmering in the distance a ghostly, slivery white they emerge in all their glory, encircling you, pealing off to come and investigate you!

One word, awesome!

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Catherine Jones

Im so jealous! The hammerheads look amazing! Ive only ever seen one or two at one time.

Rating 8/10

Nasonisoni Passage

Taveuni15 Jan 2012 - 27 Mar 2012

Listed in the Lonely Planet guidebook as one of the top 5 dive sites in Fiji the passage has more current than a Christmas cake if you catch my drift. Boom boom.

At some points during the dive here I thought I was in a washing machine, the currents can be that strong! It's a supper fun packed dive with loads to see providing your not shooting by at 100 mph. While down there you'll see some amazing coral formations, big groupers and trevallies, sharks, barracudas and perhaps if your insanely lucky manta rays!

The dive site itself is situated just of Nasonisoni Island [or as its known locally Navatu island] and can be dived from Savusavu dive resorts [Koro Sun Dive].

I recommended having done some drifting before heading there, again definitely worth a visit.

IMG1032 IMG1060 IMG1041

Nathan Murphy

Sounds tricky diving!


Mickael Jeunes

Guessing not a beginner dive site! Maybe in the future...

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