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Dive Reports Explained

Creating a dive report is an easy way to share your dive experiences at certain locations with people also thinking of visiting there.

Posting guidelines:

Please do:
- Write about your diving experience
- Share tips and travel information
- Show off your awesome photos

Please don't:
- Use it soley to 'review' of the company you dived with - ideally it is about the diving!
For example using a title like 'Diving with Captain Joes Dive Centre was amazing!'
Of course we are more than happy for you to mention them (and tag them!), but we want divers to talk more about the diving and, at the end of the day, this will be far more persuasive in terms of a recommendation! 
- Make stuff up and or get us sued

Other tips:

Editing a report

When you create a report you are able to edit it by going to your Profile page, choosing the 'Reports' tab and clicking 'edit' on the relevant report. You are also able to delete your report here if you so wish (this ability is lost after about a month).


If you write a report you are sharing the information publicly - so do not post personal or sensitive information you would not normally be happy with everyone being able to see.

Commenting and Liking

All 'comments' and 'likes' are public - and if someone comments or likes your report or feedback you will be notified.

Please note: you need to be logged-in to write dive reports, comment or like items. 

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