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Location Information Block:


Types of diving:

This location, for example, has most types of diving from beginner to expert in difficulty. There is Shore and Day Trip diving but, in the main, there is not really any Live Aboard diving here.

If it is in grey - it is not generally available at this location.


Location Information explained

The location block (right) has some basic information about a location.

Gallery: If you click on a picture it will show a larger version. You can click outside the image to return to the page.

Type of location: This is to give an indication of the difficulty of a location and the usual format of diving that is available there. (See below for more about this)

Area: Gives information to the region of the country the location is in.

Water Temp: A general range of temperature - do check the temperature for the time of year you are going before you pack!

Visibility: A general guide to what you can expect.

Depth Range: A guide for what the majority of diving at this location is; there might be deeper dives - but most visitors will find themselves diving within this range.

Events: A basic guide to key animal-events shown in the calendar with this symbol.

The break-down just shows the date and what the event is (we do not have an individual icon for each event) but by finding the (E) symbol and referencing it with the Event text you should be able to quite easily figure out what is happening when.

Read about the Animal Calendar >


Beginner Dive Location

A location where there is diving suitable an unqualified diver, a diver taking an entry level course, a newly qualified diver which can only dive to 18m, a diver with under 20 dive

Intermediate Dive Location

Locations with diving suitable for divers who have completed more dive courses than the inital entry level course, and over 20 dives with a deep qualification allowing diving  to 30m

Expert Dive Location

Locations with diving suitable for divers with rescue skills, a high number of dives (100+), experienced in a variety of different types of diving, are able to cope with hard diving conditions and deal with unexpected situations/problems that occur underwater in a safe and calm manner.

Types of Diving

Shore Diving

Shore diving means there is access to the dive sites from the shore. At these locations you do not need boat hire as you can walk or jump in from the beach or shore line.

Day Trip Diving

This is when there are dive sites away from the shore that take a boat ride; anything from a short 10 min boat ride to a couple of hours.  For these trips you tend to go out for a half day or a full day and return to the land for the evening.

Live Aboard Diving

Where Liveaboard diving is available there are dedicated boats which you live/sleep on for the length of your trip.  The majority of Live Aboard dive trips are a week long but can vary between 1 night and 2 weeks. Live Aboard boats have the ability to reach remote dive sites that you could not reach on a day trip.

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