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The Wildlife Calendar explained

The wildlife calendar is designed to be as simple as possible to see what you can see what different times of year for each location.


Main things to know:

1. The empty red section are when you generally cannot dive at this location - (off-season).

2. An animal is present when it's icon is shown

3. At the best time of year to see an animal it is in full colour. The rest of the time it is faded out.

4. The (E) symbol denotes that there is a Nature Event at this location at this time. Read the Event information on the Location Information section.

Tip:  Hold your cursor over the animal and it will tell you what the icon stands for.

Wildlife Calendar FAQ:

Are all animals you can see on the calendar?

No - of course not. We are initially focusing on animals people are likly to travel to see and need to find out the best time and place to see them.

How do you know your information is accurate?

We have research each animal and location carefully and have tried to base it on as many verified sources as possible. Of course animal behavior varies year to year and you can get lucky at times of a year when a specific animal is not present - but what you see is the best information we have been able to gather. If you think something is wrong - please send us feedback from the location page in question.

Will you be adding more animals?

Yes - it is a slow task getting this information - but we want to grow the site in to the best resource of this type online. If you have any requests - let us know and we can prioritise based on demand!

Will you be adding smaller animals?

We will probably keep smaller animals as information in the content about a location because they tend to be year-round animals. If they are a small animal where there are en-masse events at certain times of year it is likley to be put as an event.

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