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Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa and is one of Africa's powerful countries. The waters that surround Kenya are from the Indian Ocean. Diving in Kenya is spectacular and mostly centred on its large marine reserves.

One of these marine reserves is the Watamu Marine National Park which is very significant for the protection of the endangered green sea turtle and it also serves as the breeding ground for several marine species. The park is indeed teeming with rich marine life including manta rays, whale sharks, and dolphins.

Another popular marine reserve is the Mombasa Marine Park And National Reserve in Mombasa which is a splendid coral island not far from the coast of Kenya. This is suitable for beginner divers who are mastering their craft. The marine life comprise of whitetip reef shark, whale shark, spotted eagle ray, hawksbill turtle and green sea turtle.

For the novice and advanced divers, there is the Moray Reef sporting a breathtaking drop-off to 28m sandy bottom teeming with rich marine life such as large moray fish, octopus, and eels. To spot whale sharks, visit the area in October through February.

For wreck divers, there is the MV Dania at 35m deep not far from Bamburi Beach. Intentionally sunk, she now serves as a popular destination for technical trainee divers. Needless to say, the interiors of the ship could be explored by experienced divers.

Another popular dive site is the Vuma Caves not far from Kilifi Creek. The area drops to 20m and sports large pelagic fishes such as groupers and barracudas. Dolphins are also frequently sighted in the area. Its underwater scenery is simply fabulous.

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The government of Kenya is an active participant in marine conservation. There are many protected areas of which the most popular is the Watamu Marine National Park. The people of Kenya also help in the preservation of the endangered green sea turtle and hawksbill turtle.

Kenya has a tropical climate in its coastline and arid climate in its interior.

The water temperature hovers around 28°C/82F in January to March and around 25°C/77F in July to September.

Kenya's diving season is from November to March only.

Natural hazards include drought and floods in April to June which is the rainy season.

There is an existing warning as of this writing from several embassies regarding travels to Kenya because of possible terrorist attacks.

There are four international airports in Kenya namely: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Moi International Airport in Mombasa, Kisumu International Airport in Kisumu, and Eldoret International Airport.

There are several intercontinental airlines flying to Kenya such as British Airways, Emirates, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, South African Airways, and many more.

There are also trains, buses, boats, taxis, and rental cars.

The general transportation system of Kenya is good.

Always check with your travel agent as the security in Kenya has worsened.

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