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Mozambique is a country in south eastern Africa. Its coastline in the east spans for over 1,000 km along the Indian ocean ensuring a fabulous diving experience for all levels of divers.

One of the most popular dive sites in Mozambique is the Manta Reef which is an offshore rocky reef in the Guinjata Bay area not far from Inhambane which is teeming with rich marine biodiversity. This is a famous manta cleaning station and you could practically see up close the interaction between the local tropical fishes and the huge mantas. If you visit the area during summer you might also have a close encounter with gigantic whale sharks that feed on plankton in the area.

More diving sites are found in the surrounding waters of Margaruque, Benguerra and Bazaruto – Mozambique's three main islands. These islands boast of the most colourful reef fishes in the Indo-pacific region not to mention the five species of endemic marine turtle living in the area.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is teeming with a plenitude of marine life comprising of over 2,000 species of fish. On lucky dives, you might be able to encounter the magnificent Dugong which is classified as a very rare mammal.

If you visit the islands from June through November, you could easily spot humpback whales and listen to their whale calls underwater.

Needless to say, the diving in Mozambique is genuinely unique and diverse plus listening to whales songs is simply breathtaking.

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The government of Mozambique is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. The establishment of Bazaruto National Park is a testament to this cause. Other third party organizations are actively participating in the preservation of Mozambique's unique flora and fauna such as the WWF which continuously supports the Mozambique Marine Programme with the goal of realizing a healthy marine and coastal environment.

Mozambique has a tropical climate. The wet season starts from October to March and the dry season starts from April to September.

The water temperature hovers around 29°C/84F in summer and 22°C/71F in winter.

Water visibility is excellent reaching 8-40m but gets cloudy when there's too much plankton.

The diving in Mozambique is year round.

Natural hazards include typhoons in February.

The main point of entry to Mozambique is the Maputo International Airport which also serves as the hub for both international and domestic flights. International flights are mostly flying in from South Africa although there are direct flights from Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Portugal, Tanzania, and Kenya.

There is only a single train service in Mozambique and the journey is considerably slow and becomes very inconvenient at times.

Car travel is possible if you're coming in from South Africa as long as you have the proper documents.

There are also boats, buses, taxis, and rental cars.

However, the most convenient mode of transportation in Mozambique is by plane but they are considerably expensive.

The overall transportation system of Mozambique is good but you should contact your travel agent for your convenience.

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