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South Africa

South Africa is a vast country located at the southern tip Africa. The waters that surround it from the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. This peculiar convergence of two gigantic oceans brings extreme diversity in marine life ensuring an exciting diving experience only possible in South Africa.

Cape Town is the centre of diving in South Africa offering various diving activities for all levels of divers. What is really great about the diving in South Africa is the chance to meet Great White sharks up close and personal. The sheer adrenaline from close encounter with the powerful creatures is enough to deliver spine tingling sensations to any brave divers.

Cape Town sports amazing diving activities and aside from huge kelp forests, there is an abundance of reef walls and caves with a plenitude of rich marine life. False Bay is home to insanely rich marine life courtesy of the difference in water temperature, which is the result of the convergence between the nutrients rich Benguela current sweeping from the Antarctic and the warmer Agulhas current sweeping from the East coast. These plankton rich waters attract bigger pelagic fishes particularly the sharks. There are common sightings of the fabulous dolphins, seals, and penguins and in late winter, there is the migration of Southern Right and Brydes whales.

Another popular dive site is the Protea Bank sporting a reef system teeming with plentiful pelagic fishes such as kingfish, yellow tail, tuna, barracuda, and of course sharks particularly the bull shark.

Rays and the rare Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles could also be seen in the Sodwana Bay and of course more sharks.

If you want to experience the feeding frenzy of the top marine predators from dolphins, orcas, seals, and sharks; visit between May and July for the Sardine Run spectacle, where millions of silvery sardines travel north following the colder water currents.

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The government of South Africa is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. Many scuba operators have been briefed to maintain healthy diving by promoting good diving ethics which in turn help lower the damages of tourism in South Africa's marine ecosystem.

South Africa has a desert and semi-desert climate in the northwest and sub-tropical on the eastern coast.

The water temperature in the vicinity of the Indian Ocean hovers around 20°C/68F in January to March and around 16°C/60F in July to September.

The water temperature in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean hovers around 14°C/56F in January to March and 8°C/45F in July to September.

South Africa sports a year round diving season.

Natural hazards include droughts.

South Africa has 10 international airports; the two major ones being the Cape Town International and OR Tambo International Airport located in Johannesburg. Almost all major airlines offer flights to South Africa.

There are boat rides and cruise lines such as the Princess Cruises with Cape Town as an option in their itinerary.

In the mainland, the popular mode of transportation is by buses, trains, taxis, and rental cars.

The general transportation system of South Africa is excellent.

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