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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is an island country in Oceania. It is surrounded by multiple bodies of water including the Pacific Ocean, Bismarck Sea, Solomon Sea, Arafura Sea and Coral Sea all enriching Papua New Guinea's dive sites with a plenitude of marine life.

Diving in Papua New Guinea is diverse and pristine so if you want to experience unspoiled diving wonders also dubbed as "underwater photographer's paradise," head straight to Papua New Guinea's popular dive spots.

The most frequently visited dive sites are in Milne Bay and Kimbe Bay but there are more dive sites being discovered each day adding to the exciting diving adventures in Papua New Guinea.

Beginner divers would love the relaxed diving in Papua New Guinea teeming with exotic marine life and a myriad of coral atolls with crystal clear waters.

More advanced divers would love sheer drop-offs following vertical coral walls with insanely rich marine biodiversity including coral gardens, fringing reefs, and sea grass beds.

For wreck divers, Papua New Guinea hosts a collection of WW2 ships, fallen aircrafts, and submarines which are now artificial reefs serving as home to various marine life.

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The government of Papua New Guinea is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. Other parties are also actively helping in achieving realistic goals for the people of Papua New Guinea as 70% of the local population rely on natural resources including marine resources for their livelihood.

Papua New Guinea has a tropical climate. Wet season starts in December through March.

The water temperatures are generally warm for the whole year.

Papua New Guinea has a year round diving season.

Natural hazards include mild earthquakes and tsunamis because of nearby volcanoes.

The main point of entry to Papua New Guinea is through Jackson International Airport in Port Moresby. There are not so many airlines serving direct flights to Papua New Guinea.

There are domestic boat rides in Papua New Guinea but none are international ferries.

In the major cities, the popular mode of transportation are buses, mini vans, and car for hires.

The general transportation system of Papua New Guinea is good but you should contact your travel agent for your convenience.

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