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Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Country: Cayman Islands  Area: Cayman Islands

Water Temp: 25 - 30°C (77 - 86°F)

Visibility: 24 - 61m (79 - 200 ft)

Depth Range: 2 - 213m (7 - 699 ft)

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Grand Cayman is known for it's fantastic wall diving, healthy reefs, world class shore diving, excellent macro marine life and often with cobalt calm seas! There are 270 named dive sites with warm water and generally great visibility year round.

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Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands and one of the more developed diving locations in the northern Caribbean. The island’s main port, Georgetown, is a stopping point for several major cruise lines every week of the year.

The largest beach, Seven Mile Beach, runs the length of the island’s leeward side and is home to several luxury resorts as well as a number of bars and restaurants. Visitors can take the half hour drive around the entire island ending at Rum Point where they will find a much more secluded beach with a quiet atmosphere and wade several hundred metres out into the crystal clear waters of the sound. Although most famous as a haven for offshore banking, Grand Cayman also offers every amenity for the perfect holiday!

Strumpet Fish, Credit

Because Grand Cayman is the peak of an underwater mountain, this island is best known among divers for its incredible walls. All four sides of the island offer vertical locations that start at ten to twenty metres and plummet into the abyss. Most of these sites will have large cracks and swimthroughs that allow divers to enter at the edge and emerge several metres down the face. Grand Cayman’s walls explode with hard and soft corals and are covered with crabs, lobsters and other benthic creatures. Hammerhead sharks are often seen cruising up and down. This island is also famous for its very own Sting Ray City where you can feed hundreds of the largest southern rays found in the Caribbean.

Blue Parrotfish, Credit

In the Caribbean and Atlantic, Grand Cayman has been honoured with the following for 2013:

#1 Best Wall Diving
#1 Best Advanced Diving
#1 Best Rebreather Diving
#3 Best Overall Diving
#3 Best Marine Environment
#3 Best Macro & Wide Angle Photography
#4 Best Shore Diving
#4 Best Beginner Diving
#4 Best Wreck Diving

Marine Conservation

The people of the Cayman Islands understand the importance of maintaining a healthy underwater environment and have taken great care to preserve the treasures of the deep for future generations. Cayman established Marine Parks 30 years ago and are now in the process of doubling the size of the Marine Parks, because these programs work on a grand scale.

There are strict laws and regulations (Cayman Marine laws) which are designed to protect the quality of water and the creatures that inhabit them.

Trunkfish, Credit

Climate & Season

The Cayman Islands have a tropical marine climate, which means that temperatures range from 77 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit with two seasons: a wet season (1.9 inches /month) and a dry season.  True to its climate classification, average annual temperatures in the Cayman Islands is 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and experiences its wet season (occasional afternoon showers) between the months of May and November, and its dry season between December and April.

Grand Cayman has calm-enough to very calm water suitable for diving throughout most of the year. About half the Cayman dive shops go on vacation in September or October however at this time of year there is some of the best diving with big marine life - for example Whale Sharks and Pilot Whales which are migration past Grand Cayman. It is a popular time of year for Upper North American dive groups as their more local weather turns cold.

Turtle, Credit

Ocean temperature lowest in Feb; 78°F (25°C) and in September; 87°F (30°C).

Year Round Events

Pirates Week Diving Festival    November 9th - November 21st
Cayman’s Turtle Nest Season    May - November
Divers Hall of Fame & Film Festival    November 1st - November 15th
Inner Space (world’s largest Rebreather Event)    May 15th - May 30th

Other year round Marine life

Silversides season is May – August

Grouper Spawning season November – March

Stingray City Encounters Year Round

Tarpon Encounters  Year Round

Lionfish Culling Safari Weekly


Information kindly provided by DIVETECH

Other year round Marine life
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Shore Diving

Some of the best Shore Dives are located at the local dive shops, for example Divetech’s Lighthouse Point or Cobalt Coast Resort. These dive shops (open to the public) provide dive brief of dive site plus the current sea conditions for a safe dive. 

Diving Grand Cayman, Credit

These two shore dives are awesome for “Try Diving” Learn to Dive through to advance diving.

“Sea Fan Reef” and “Cobalt Ridge Wall” at Cobalt Coast Dive Resort starts at the docks ladder in 5 feet with thousands of Sea Fans swaying in the Caribbean sea. Underwater navigation will take you past squid, flounder, rays and an army of marine life to the mini walls reef that is now 30 feet then drops off to a 65 feet sand flat. Here you can see turtles, eels, snapper, grunts, tangs, rays, grouper, eagle rays and recently a 8 foot Manta Ray.

Fairy Basslet on Brain Coral, Credit


Nine NOAA scientist rated this area the healthiest reefs in all 3 Cayman islands!

“Macro Reef” and “Turtle Canyon” are stunning shore dives with easy in /out from the dock and ladder. Photographers from all over love Macro Reef because of all the abundance of marine life. In 2014 you will meet “Guardian of the Reef” a 17’ bronze statue,  along your mini-wall dive or on your way to the deep wall of “Turtle Canyons” with top at 45 feet with shear drop off to 4,000 feet. Canyons are stand big and shear on a healthy reefs system. Huge Barrel sponges some standing 10 feet tall and others 12 feet around these canyons with turtles, trigger fish, groupers, snappers, eels and schools of Jacks cruise through. Eagle rays love this area for the garden eels.

Blue and yellow Fairy Basslet, Credit

Boat Diving

Popular dives include the USS Kittiwake with the bottom of this 5 level ship (65 feet) and the top of ship (15 feet) and Stingray City - being one of the best 15’ dive.

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Getting to Grand Cayman is pretty easy with many daily non-stop flights from Miami, Florida (1hour flight).

There are also non-stop flights from United States: Chicago, New York, Washington, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas and Charlotte N.C. Toronto, Canada and also London, UK

Mermaid off of Sunset Beach, Grand Cayman, Credit


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Where to eat and drink

Grand Cayman is Home of some 73 restaurants from Fine Dinning to the roadside local cultural barbecues.    

There are about 7 night clubs on the Seven Mile Beach strip. The Hotels and Resorts have bars with nightly specials.

Yellow Coral, Credit

Many Hotels and Restaurants have a awesome Sunday Brunch from as low US$13/person at Cobalt Coast Resort and $90/person at the Ritz Carlton. Most restaurants cater to all diets and there are some awesome Vegetarian restaurants and 2 new Vegan restaurants.

When it comes to self catering the supermarkets have it all just like 'back home', including the organic vegetables and vegetarian sections.

All the water out of the faucet and showers is Reverse Osmosis from purified Cayman Sea water.After living on Grand Cayman for 30 years - I can tell you that this is the Best water on the planet, for a small island. So it is ok, to drink the tap water at the restaurants!

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Other Activities

The following is a brief list of other things to do while you vist Grand Cayman - you can be sure that you, or even non-diving friends, will never have the opportunity to get bored here!

LIfe in the beach, Credit

Botanical Park - Great for botanists and garden enthusiasts you can get to learn about the flora and forna of this uniqua area

Turtle Farm Tour - Fantastic for children and adults alike. You can swim with turtles, come face to face with sharks and see some of the fantastic local and exotic birds.

Cayman Spirits Rum Tour - tour the Cayman Spirites Distillery and check out thier unusual methods of creating and aging rum.

Seven Mile Beach a beautiful long cresent shaped sandy beach.

Snorkeling, Credit

Barkers National Park - explore 5 miles of deserted beaches where you can also go horseback riding!

Along with the usual sports you can try your and at Kite Surfing or spend your days enjoying the sights Paddle Boarding, kayak toures through mangroves or play on the championship Golf courses. There are also ample tennis facilities here on Grand Cayman.

And, if you need some 'retail therepy' you can always go and take advantage of the duty free shopping in Georgetown!

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Grand Cayman Tips

To help eunsure avoid any hidden costs or dubious deals - it is worth checking before you go diving at Grand Cayman if your Cayman Hotels, Dive Resorts and Dive operators include the following:

- Airport pickup with transfers (Otherwise this usually costs around US66/person round trip)

Diver enjoying the days dive, Credit

- Accommodation 12% government tax

- Breakfast, full meal package, or A La Carte?

- Is Gratuity included for hotel and dive staff?

- Does diving package come with unlimited diving?

- Does dive operator provide free pickup from your hotel or condo?

- Does dive operator dive the north walls or stay in Georgetown harbour area?

- Does dive operator own a dive shop or do they operate out of a truck?

- Is there shore diving provided by the dive operator or resort?

- What are the dive operator’s standard size tanks (80 c.f.) and 3,100 psi fills. DIN and/or Yoke values?

Grouper, Credit

- Does dive boats have staging benches, shaded area, shower, swim platform for easy in/out, camera table w/rinse tank, towels, drink water, guided and/or unguided dives, 100% computer profiles, is a dive computer provided for free and how long are the boat profiles?

- Have the scuba tanks been inspected yearly (label on tank) and inside the 5 year hydro date (stamp on tank)?

- Is the boat big enough for the number of people? Some 6 pack or 8 max boats are so small there is no place to sit or set up dive gear let alone having a shower or a swim platform!

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Rating 8/10

Kittiwake Wreck - Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman1 Jan 2016 - 8 Jan 2017 with The Lobster Pot Dive center

The Wreck of the Kittiwake lies off shore in Grand Cayman, to the North - top end of 7 mile beach.

The Sand lies around 60ft ad the Ship has moved slightly down a sand slop nearer to the reef and wall following storms. The Ship is now slightly angled, tilted into the sand. It stands in tact and almost exactly parallel to the shore and wall.

Having now been underwater for 6 years, it has some great life and regular visitors. Its a great purposefully sunk and designed for diving wreck, it has large open spaces. It is clean and tidy but still has more than enough set up on it to get the feel of the wreck and its original features.

Lobster Pot give fully guided tours, full wreck penetration to suit the group. Very interesting dive, you perfectly wind your way up the wreck from bottom layer to top, the captains cabin, and top deck sit at 6-5 meters 15ft at the top. Perfect for you safety stop.

Look out for Moray, Giant Barracuda, Turtles, Huge schools of fish on the Wreck itself and Garden Eel, Eagle Ray and Southern Stingrays in the Sand.

Rating 8/10

Cheese Burger Reef

Grand Cayman1 Jan 2016 - 15 Jan 2017 with The Lobster Pot Dive center

Cheese Burger reef, runs from behind Burger King in George town to Lobster Pot Dive Center. Its considered Lobster Pots house reef.

The Boat lane for the dock is clearly marked and staff offer guided dives of the reef or a full site briefing if you choose to dive as a buddy team.

Its a common site for DSD's and training due to the depth and short swim from shore.

Sand at 15ft front of the reef - 40 ft back of the reef. The reef itself stands 1ft underwater to the sand. Due to its position, it is well protected in the Bay. Providing a fishy reef with lots of Juvenile fish. There are two swim though on the reef. Often full of large Tarpon. Common to see Lobster, Rays, Eels and Turtles also on the reef and in the sand.

Occasionally sandy at the front the viz is on a bad day 20 - 40ft but usually around 60 - 80ft

Great place for a night dive, look out for squid, octopus and sleeping Parrot fish in their mucous layer.

Casey Spencer Steve2 1524188611114572289752647050947443596210493n 1517806211113524189857451450735351585188522n.VividShare sunset weekdn

seeking advice re grand cayman jan or feb

We're thinking of diving in Grand Cayman, though the water temps may only be around 78 degrees. Anyone been to Compass Point? Other options/advice, please let us know.


Lobster Pot Dive Center

1 vote

Compass Point is in the quiet East End away from Seven Mile Beach with all its hotels, resorts and condo's. The surface conditions there can be quiet choppy and rolling since it's more on the windward side but underwater it's great. If you're looking for calm surface conditions you'd probably be better off staying and diving on the west side of the island. Despite all the resorts and condo's on Seven Mile Beach's main drag, you can still find places to stay that are quieter like, for example, the condo's to the north of Calico Jacks and Tiki Beach, closer to West Bay. All the dive centers will pick you up and drop you off again after diving. If you book a two tank dive, you'll start with a deep wall dive followed by a shallow reef, wreck or top-of-the-wall dive. There are many operations with large boats that carry a lot of divers, including students, but also many smaller operations with small boats that carry a maximum of around 6 certified divers. Enjoy!


Morgan Bennett

0 votes

I have not stayed there.. a good friend of mind did and really rated it!


Desmond Metzler

0 votes

Not been to compass point but ive been to Grand Cayman and had a great trip

Rating 10/10

Awesome First Dive!

Grand Cayman30 Aug 2014 - 30 Aug 2014 with The Lobster Pot Dive center

We had never scuba dived before and were nervous! The Lobster Pot Dive Center is very professional and informative. Our nerves were calmed because of the knowledge and guides we had throughout the dive. The sights of the reef are amazing - and one of the guides took some photos for us so we've have something to remember it by! We're planning to get fully certified next time we visit Grand Cayman and we'll definitely be using Lobster Pot. We highly suggest first time divers to come to the cheeseburger reef. Thank you!

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Mike Bednarz

What a great 'first dive' site! Congratulations!

Siena Bartels

Wow! It looks really nice there.

Siena Bartels

Wow! It looks really nice there.

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