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Havana, Cuba


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Country: Cuba  Area: Cuba

Water Temp: 20 - 30°C (68 - 86°F)

Visibility: 10 - 45m (33 - 148 ft)

Depth Range: 5 - 35m (16 - 115 ft)

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Serving as the capital city of Cuba, Havana lies on the island’s northern coast and host over one million tourists annually. This city is steeped in ancient Spanish history as it supported the Conquistadors’ conquest of the New World. Bursting with 19th century architecture and a richly mixed culture, the historic district was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982.

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Although United States’ sanctions and the Fidel Castro dictatorship have suppressed Cuba’s ability to thrive financially, the welcoming resilience of Havana’s population make this city an unforgettable vacation destination. Due largely to the island’s strictly enforced governmental regulations, most of the diving locations off of Havana’s coast have been unaffected by fishing or high pressure tourism. The effect is that these sites have remained pristine and are growing and thriving where many popular coral reef locations are in decline. Divers that go out with Havana’s two licensed operators will be treated to stunningly colourful corals, large schools of tropical fish, cave and cavern systems and several wreck dives. Regardless of your level of experience, Havana has something to offer every diver.

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