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Curacao is a Dutch island, just 60 km off the Venezuelan coast. It sports over 60 dive sites and most of them are accessible from the shore. There are is a plenitude of diving activities good for all levels of divers such as reef diving, deep diving, and wreck diving. Graced by the Caribbean waters, Curacao is diver's paradise.

 The most popular dive site in Curacao is a shipwreck that also belongs to the list of best wrecks in the Caribbean. Dropping down to a maximum depth of 30 metres, the Superior Producer sits perfectly upright, inviting advanced divers to explore its open cargo hold and see its wheelhouse at  24 metres. Novice divers can enjoy underwater scenery teeming with marine life such as schooling fishes and barracudas. However, because of the prevailing currents, this dive is reserved for the more experienced. 

For beginner divers, the Alice in Wonderland (Playa Kalki) sports an 18 metre mini-wall teeming with various pelagic fishes as well as lobsters, moray eels, and a variety of reef fishes.


If you want to spot nurse sharks, turtles, lobsters, and abundant corals in visibility of up to 30 meters, visit The Valley (Porto Marie).


Shipwrecks in shallow waters are also available such as The Airplane Wreck and The Tugboat. These make good photo opportunities. Curacao's wrecks are also full of marine life such as manta rays, eagle rays, turtles, octopus, and seahorses.


Visit the islands in September and October to witness the coral spawning - a highly popular event. It is best viewed at The Mushroom Forest and Alice in Wonderland where there are copious amounts of star coral.

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In southern Curacao, The Curacao Underwater Park, which is also known as The Underwater Marine Park, is a protected area ensuring the preservation of older coral formation remnants which are home to a variety of marine life. The water  Water visibility in the area reaches over 100 feet and its span of 20 km coastline offers is perfect for divers looking for a quick and highly visible wreck diving in good visibility and underwater sightseeing.

Curacao is well situated in the Caribbean just outside the hurricane belt.

It has a tropical climate and diving is possible year round. sporting year round diving season.

The water temperature hovers around 24°C to 26°C and water visibility is crystal clear.

Hato International Airport located in Plaza Margareth Abraham in the north is the main point of entry for visitors and which is not far from Curacao’s capital Willemstad is the main point of entry for visitors.

There are also cruise ships that have stops in Curaçao Mega Pier or the Curaçao Cruise Terminal. If you choose boat travel, try to go from down in the said terminals because they are a short distance to many of Curacao’s popular diving destinations.

Willemstad offers marinas for those who prefer to travel with their yachts.

Rental cars, taxis, buses are also available on in the islands.

There is a good transportation system in Curacao.   overall transportation system of Curacao is exceptional.

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