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Grenada is an island country located at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea comprising of the main island Grenada and six smaller islands. It is known as "The Spice Island" because of its nutmeg production.

What enriches Grenada's waters is the nutrients rich Guyana current resulting to a healthy coral reef environment competing with the best in the Caribbean stretch. Grenada boasts of at least 30 dive sites including reef, wreck, and wall dives and most of them are easily accessible from the shore.

One of the most popular wreck diving destinations in Grenada is the Bianca C otherwise known as "The Titanic of the Caribbean." It is a 600 foot cruise ship that sank in 1961 and now lies about 167 feet on a sandy plain encrusted with thick sponges and corals. This dive site is suited for advanced divers because of the presence of strong tidal currents. The wreck allows to be explored such as the wheel-house on the aft deck about 90 feet where you could peer down at the sandy plain below. The marine life in the area includes schools of jacks, barracuda, pink seahorses, and eagle rays.

Grenada uniquely sports an Underwater Sculpture Park at Moliniere Bay. It presents Grenada's history and folklore through a series of underwater installations. It boasts of a free dive reaching up to 5 metres in its deepest area and the sculptures are now slowly turning into corals inviting more marine life.

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Grenada is an active advocate of marine conservation. Its waters are declared as "Marine Protected Area" protecting beautiful corals, sponges, and several endemic species of marine life.

Grenada has a tropical climate sporting year round diving season.

The water temperature hovers around 26°C/78F in January to March and around 28°C/82F in June to October.

Natural hazards include hurricanes from July to October.

Grenada's international airport located in the main island on a peninsula in the extreme southwest corner in the Point Salines area is the Maurice Bishop International Airport. Some of the international airlines plying this route are Delta, British Airways, American Eagle, American Airlines, Monarch, Air Canada, and Virgin Atlantic.

There is also a large cruise ship terminal in St. George and many cruise ships dock here.

There are also private moorings for those travelling with their yachts.

Osprey Lines Limited serves the inter-island ferry transportation.

There are also buses as standard mainland transport system and water taxis.

The overall transportation system of Grenada is exceptional.

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