Diving in Independent Twin Islands, Caribbean

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Independent Twin Islands

The Independent Twin Islands surrounded by the Caribbean waters may not be able to compete with the other diving destinations in the Caribbean but it is very popular and a must for beginner divers trying to master their craft.

The waters are typically warm and shallow and not completely void of prolific marine life. In fact, there are a plenitude of large pelagic fishes in the area such as close up encounters with dolphins and numerous shark species namely: Caribbean reef sharks, hammerhead, black tip, bull, nurse, and tiger sharks. They could even be seen on the boat thanks to the water’s crystal clear visibility.

Indeed, the Independent Twin Islands is well known for animal encounters that could be experienced nowhere else in the world.

There is also a wreck diving site, the Andes at 9m in Deep Bay. Sank in 1905, it's now home to prolific marine life.

There are also the Cades Reef dive site which happens to be an underwater park and the Pillars of Hercules for its amazing corals and various fishes not to mention lobsters.

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The government of The Independent Twin Islands is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. It has established its own marine parks for this cause to protect its rare corals and endemic marine life.

The Independent Twin Islands has a tropical climate.

The water temperature hovers around 24°C/75F in January to March and around 27°C/81F in June to October.

The Independent Twin Islands boasts of a year round diving season.

Natural hazards include tropical storms. By July through October, hurricanes frequent the islands.

The quickest way to go to the islands is via airplane travel. It could also be reached from nearby islands in the Bahamas via boat rides and airplanes.

Going around the islands is easier with a plenitude of taxis, buses, and rental cars or scooters.

The overall transportation system of The Independent Twin Islands is exceptional.

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