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St. Vincent

Saint Vincent is the largest island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines located in the Southern Caribbean Sea and forms part of the Windward Islands. It sports some of the finest Caribbean's diving gems.

There are various activities for all levels of divers in the island from stunning wall dives, exhilarating drift dives, and beautiful reef diving with a plenitude of rich marine biodiversity not to mention that the volcanic geography of the island yields crystal clear water visibility.

Advanced divers would love the Bat Cave dive site sporting a picturesque underwater world teeming with various resident fishes.

Another popular dive site is the Japanese Garden teeming with fabulous coral fans and of course more marine life.

The Petit Byahaut dive site is suitable for the beginner divers who want to master their hobby; then, when ready they could practically drop to 30m in the same dive site. Marine life in the area includes critters, several species of coral and colourful reef fishes.

Perhaps the Oblizalo Drift dive site is the best drift diving in the Caribbean. The currents could get really strong and you get to cover plenty of grounds in a short while passing through amazing boulders, canyons, and sheer drop offs.

Wreck divers would also love the Capital Wrecks at 36m deep, which are three shipwrecks on top of each other. The base wreck is an eighteenth century French frigate and the other wrecks are of the Siemanstrand and a tugboat. They are now home to various fishes that frolic in the area.

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The government of St. Vincent is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. Currently it has marine reserves that form part of the six Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Caribbean.

St. Vincent has a tropical climate.

The water temperature averages around 28°C for the whole year.

The diving season is year round with excellent water visibility in summer.

Natural hazards include hurricanes.

The main point of entry to St. Vincent is through its main airport, the E.T. Joshua Airport.

Those coming in from North America; there are direct flights from Puerto Rico and numerous connecting fights from outlying islands such as Barbados.

For your convenience, book your flights with your travel agents directly so that you don't have to manually look for connecting flights.

Chartered flights are also available from Barbados with SVG Air, Mustique Airways and Grenadines Air Alliance, which are suitable for those traveling in large groups.

There are boats and ferries going to the island. Buses, taxis, and rental cars also abound in the mainland.

The general transportation system of St. Vincent is excellent.

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