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Nicaragua is popularly known as the holder of the largest body of fresh water in Central America. Its coastlines are surrounded by two bodies of water: Caribbean Sea (east) and North Pacific Ocean (west) which endow it with excellent diving.

Diving is concentrated on four areas namely Corn Islands, San Juan del Sur, Managua, and Apoyo. All of these dive sites are gifted with pristine waters and an insane amount of marine life.

The best of the dive sites are found in Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island where the fabulous hammerhead sharks and eagle rays are often spotted in the popular white holes or patches of white sand that simply illuminate the seafloor enough to trigger awe inspiring moments for all levels of divers.

Little Corn also boasts of the famous shark hole which is suitable for advanced divers because of the perplexing caverns and sometimes strong currents but the rewards are plentiful such as seeing the amazing black tip and bull sharks.

Another popular dive site in the area is the Tarpon Channel in Casa Iguana sporting magnificent underwater landscapes and so many huge pelagic fishes including eagle rays and of course tarpons.

Beginner divers on the other hand would love the freshwater diving in Apoyo. The dive is relaxing and the water visibility is simply excellent. The number of colourful fish in the area is totally worth the dive.

There is also a shipwreck for wreck divers in San Juan del Sur which is now the territory of huge mantas and dolphins.

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The government of Nicaragua is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. Third party organizations such as the WWF are also helping to ensure long lasting conservation efforts in Nicaragua.

Nicaruagua has a tropical climate in the lowlands and cooler climate in the highlands.

The water temperature hovers around 26°C/79F in January to March and around 28°C/82F in July to September.

Natural hazards include earthquakes, hurricanes, and flooding in May to October.

The main point of entry to Nicaragua is through its international airport in Managua with plenty of flights from the west.

There are buses, taxis, and rental cars.

There are also plenty of boat rides going to far-flung islands.

The general transportation system of Nicaragua is good.

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