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Corfu, Greece


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Country: Greece  Area: Greece

Water Temp: 16 - 23°C (61 - 73°F)

Visibility: 6 - 45m (20 - 148 ft)

Depth Range: 3 - 50m (10 - 164 ft)

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Corfu, the northern-most Ionian island of Greece, has a tradition of tourism dating back over 130 years. From the mountainous region and pebbly beaches of the north to the warmer, sandy beached southern end, this island offers a mild Mediterranean climate and relaxed multi-cultural ambiance the whole family can enjoy.

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Corfu has a number of small, traditional fishing villages dotted around its coastline where tourist can choose from an array of hotel accommodations or rent a gorgeous apartment overlooking the sea.

Dive operators can be found in most of the villages on Corfu and are often connected to a hotel. Many of the locations are large, pinnacle type rock formations that rise from the ocean depths forming steep walls covered in corals and teaming with fish. Cavern systems, swimthroughs and caves can be explored at various sites around the island. These waters are also home to several wrecks such as the H.M.S. Regulus which was destroyed by an underwater mine during WWII. All of Corfu’s dive sites hosts sponges, fire worms, sea urchins, Moray eels, grouper and numerous other marine animals.

Corfu underwater, Credit

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