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Rhodes Island, Greece

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Country: Greece  Area: Greece

Water Temp: 19 - 30°C (66 - 86°F)

Visibility: 15 - 30m (49 - 98 ft)

Depth Range: 5 - 100m (16 - 328 ft)

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Rhodes is a beautiful Island with a fantastic coastline more than 250 km long.

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Rhodes is the largest of the Greek Islands and has some of the most idyllic weather in the country. While known colloquially as the ‘Island of Roses’ due to the large quantity of rock-rose, this island has everything from stunning beaches to vibrant cities to a lush interior.

The west side is usually very windy with very few exceptions but the east side is truly beautiful. A combination of volcanic rock formations and white sand beaches provides Divers with a variety of different underwater habitats, including artifacts from several times of the history of the Island, small and bigger Caves and at least 1 Shipwreck.

Rhodes Panoramic view, Credit

Rhodes island is a traditional tourist destination, very well organized with tenths of beautiful beaches at least 6 of them marked with "Blue Flag" (Quality award).

The cost line provide divers with a variety of marine habitats, rocky walls sinking into great depths, rocky magmatic pinnacles, caverns and caves, poseidonia (sand and grass), gravel and it does not stop there it's also a very organize touristic island that guaranties a wonderful holidays for everyone in the family.

Rhodes is a relatively new dive location. While the first school was established in 1982, only recently have others begun to open up after dive sites were expanded in 2006 with a relaxation of Greek regulations. The area is famed for interesting rock formations and great visibility. There are a variety of wrecks within the area that are accessible to both beginner and advanced divers. It is fairly common to encounter ancient artifacts during dives, given the historical significance of the island. Highlights also include large gorgonian fans and a remarkable population of colourful invertebrate, including mantis shrimp, Mediterranean slipper lobsters, octopus, jellyfish and Mediterranean Starfish.

Potato Bass, Credit


Rhodes has an overall mild climate. From November to March there are higher levels of wind and rain, with temperatures dropping down to daytime highs of roughly 18°C. In the summer months (June – September) temperatures rise, and daytime highs are approximately 30°C. In August, temperatures have been known to hit as high as 40°C.

Water temperatures drop to 16°C - 24°C from October to May, and range between 20°C and 24°C from May to September. The diving season is technically year round.

Marine Conservation

The Rhodes marine aquarium plays an important role in the study and conservation of the regional marine ecosystems, though beyond that conservation efforts remain quite limited.

Other Year round Marine life

Squids (Winter), Tuna (Winter) Jellyfish (June July)

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Shore Diving

Most  of the home reefs are approachable by shore. Home reefs are usually very lively with typical costal marine life, small reef and sand fish, octopus etc and because of the historic character of the island it is not rare to see medieval or even older artefacts such as pottery etc.

Fish! Credit

Boat Diving

Kalithea Springs: 1 Dive into shallow reef (max 12m) with a combination of 2 small caverns.

Faliraki Reef: A long barrier reef (more than 6 km) starting from 6 m and sinking into 40 max, with grand slopes descent to more than 60. Good oceanic marine life in more than 5 good dives. Boat Dive (RIB) only for advance Divers.

Anthony Quinn Bay: Shallow home reef with Coastal marine Life. Max Depth 18m for at least 2 good dives (amphora and Wall).

Ladiko Wall: A 30m vertical wall full of surprises! A truly good dive.

Diver, Rhodes, Credit

Other Dive Sites:

Psaropoula Maze: A Deep Dive in the spot where the entrance of the ancient Port used to be. A Deep Slope followed by a maze of enormous Granite blocks often visited by big schools of oceanic fish and seals will take your breath away.

Pytheas Wreck: An amazing Shallow Wreck – more than 100 m long cargo resting at 13 m max – but so unapproachable because of weather..

Giannoula Wreck: A beautiful and well preserved wreck at 22m max. Usual currents keep an impressing marine life on it. Easy wreck with easy penetration for the experienced ones.

Turtle! Credit

Lindos: Walls, a big cavern, Little Rock Islands…tunas..dolphins…Everything is there!! More than 6 very good diving spots close to each other. Access by RIB boat from the traditional little port.

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How to Get there

Rhodes is approachable by flights and sea. Ferries connect the island to neighbouring Dodecanese and Cycladic Islands, as well as with the mainland in Greece and Turkey. The main port is called the Rhodes Touristic Port. The airport connects the island to numerous locations throughout Europe. The airport is called Rhodes International Airport (RHO).

An architecture in Rhodes, Credit

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Where to Eat & Drink

Rhode’s New Town is where most of the waterfront bars and bistros are located – often lining the city’s best beach. Here, and around the island, most restaurants serve a combination of Italian, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Marco Polo Restaurant is a local institution, and exudes the world-famous style of Greek hospitality. Prince Bakery Café is a nice quiet café, located on the corner of a bustling square. Taman is a current favourite among tourists, with its great value, delicious food and wonderful staff. Really though – there is no end of options to choose from. The biggest challenge is avoiding getting into the tourist trap.

Food! Credit

Nightlife in Rhodes is just as varied. There are a number of laid back bohemian styled taverns, perfect for a drink at the end of the day. Though, if looking for a bit more activity, there are plenty of clubs in Ixia. In the town of Rhodes, Old Town and Orfanidou Street have the most bustling nightlife, while outside of town things tend to revolve around the beach.

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Other Activities 

While diving, the rest of the family can enjoy swimming and sun, water games and watersports, sailing, fishing,  climbing, trekking, biking, horse riding, jeep safaris, historic excursions, parties, festivals, paintball, windsurfing and so many else so everyone is happy.

History and architecture is what brought Rhodes to international fame. The Old Town has layers of medieval, Byzantine, Ottoman and Italian history round every turn. The Mosque of Murad Reis, the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Knights’ Quarter all provide interesting insight into the island’s past.  New Town, by contrast, has a more modern feel with high end stores and beachfront bars.

Paddle boarding, Credit

For non-divers interested in marine life, it is worth swinging by the Rhodes Aquarium, where you can learn about the marine life and its history. The natural history display in Petaloudes covers similar topics about terrestrial life. There are a number of museums and galleries that cover the region’s history  and culture – the Museum of Modern Greek Art, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Decorative Arts are a few favourites.

For those keen on additional water activities, sailing, fishing and windsurfing are all very popular. On land, climbing, trekking, biking, horse riding, jeep safaris and paintball are all available as well.

Most dive schools run Experience Scuba courses and offer snorkelling opportunities for non-divers.

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Divers who plan to visit Rhodes must know that all schools on the island provide high quality diving gear to their clients so bringing their own equipment might be an unnecessary load to their baggage.

Good divesites can be found all along the east side of the island as it is the non windy side. Most of them are standard visit locations to the 5 diveschools that operate on Rhodes.

Rhodes, Greece, Credit

In the sea there are no hazardous species and outside the only concerning thing is too strong sun, especially in July and August (one good sun cream will do your work).

People are friendly and polite, known for their warm hospitality, no thiefs, no scams on the island, but a person always willing to help so do not hesitate to ask something if you need.

There are no hyperbaric chambers on Rhodes. The nearest chamber is in Athens, which is a day’s boat trip away.

Enjoy your wonderful vacation!

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Diving with dolphins!

Rhodes Island2 Jun 2017 - 8 Jun 2017

only with Waterhoppers PADI 5 Star IDC facility on Rhodes you can sign up for the Marine Park Dive with 150 kg Tunas and wild dolphins - yes, here in Rhodes. our dive pack had one day in Kalithea caverns (15 meters max so easy for everyone), one day in Pefkos going out on the RIB for 2 Great Wall and drift dives, the next day in Plimiri where we dived the fantastic Gianuola K wreck sitting at just 22 meters (and its over 100 meters long and intact!), and then The marine park where we had the giant tuna and several dolphins swimmingly around us! Truly amazing. Give them an e mail on info@waterhoppers.com to see more details. It well worth it and would be great for Dive clubs looking for an alternative to Egypt


Edward Callahan

Sounds awesome! :D

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