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Malta is a tiny island country in the south of the island of Sicily, Italy. The nutrients rich waters that surround it are from the Mediterranean Sea.

Diving in Malta is mostly wreck diving suitable for the beginner to advanced divers. The often visited wreck dive site is the Beaufort Bomber at 40m deep. Technical divers would love the sheer drop-off and the soft coral that now colonize the entire wreck not to mention the various fishes attracted to the area. Another popular wreck dive is the HMS Stubborn at 60m deep, once a fearsome submarine and now serves as an artificial reef supporting the marine life in the area.

The government of Malta also intentionally sank some boats to create an artificial reef to attract not only fish but divers for their tourism projects.

Advanced divers looking for exhilarating dive would love the challenging Santa Maria caves. It is a large cave sporting fabulous swim-throughs and unique marine life such as the friendly sea bream looking for some food from divers.

Aside from the wrecks, the nutrients rich waters of the Mediterranean are teeming with rich marine biodiversity such as schools of barracuda, flying gurnard, octopus, wrasse, grouper, nudibranch and several large pelagic fishes including tuna and occasional sightings of sea turtle and a whole lot more.

Another popular diving destination is the Blue Hole in Dwejra (Gozo). It is a natural rock formation carved by nature from many centuries ago. The depth is 26m and at the very bottom, there is a cave so a torch light is a must if you want to so some underwater spelunking.

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The government of Malta is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) recently established four additional marine reserves with the goal of protecting Malta's rich marine biodiversity.

Malta has a Mediterranean climate.

The water temperature hovers around 5°C/41F in January and 26°C/78F in August.

A semi-dry suit is recommended on the cooler months which start from November to May.

Malta sports a year round diving season.

The main point of entry to Malta is through its international airport located between Luqa and Gudja. Malta's national carrier serves both international and domestic flights with connection to a number of western countries and the Middle East.

There are also boats going to the islands and ferries that transport vehicles as well so if you're coming in from Italy, this is a good option as Malta is a member of the Schengen Agreement.

Once in the mainland, there is an abundant public transportation such as buses, taxis, and car rentals.

The general transportation system of Malta is excellent.

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