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Gozo, Malta


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Country: Malta  Area: Malta

Water Temp: 16 - 26°C (61 - 79°F)

Visibility: 5 - 30m (16 - 98 ft)

Depth Range: 5 - 30m (16 - 98 ft)

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A jewel of the Mediterranean, Gozo has some spectacular underwater topography, wrecks and reefs, all in crystal clear water with diverse marine life providing great dive sites for beginners to advanced technical divers.

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Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese Archipelago which is based in the South Mediterranean sea between Sicily and Tunisia. Although very close to Malta, Gozo is more rural and its wonderful shoreline means that you can reach 10m in depth seconds from the shore.

Gozo has a variety of dive sites and there are wrecks, caves, swimthroughs, reefs, drop offs and walls. This choice provides something for everyone with shallow reef dives for beginners to deep wrecks of drop offs for the more experienced, with many wrecks deeper than 40m and excellent tech diving sites.

Gozo Malta Grouper, Credit


The Maltese climate is generally very sunny and with one of the highest amount of sunshine hours in Europe means that it is a perfect place for sun lovers to visit. Due to the generally agreeable climate the dive season does run year round but the best time of year is to dive in the summer and autumn as the winter and early spring can have strong winds and rain which can limit the dive sites available.

The water temperature varies quite considerably throughout the year from 16C in January to 26C in August, so it’s best to check out the temperature of the month you are going as this could greatly affect the exposure protection that you choose to wear.

View of the sea, Credit

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Shore Diving

The dives here are mostly shore dives.

Gozo underwater, Credit

Two great sites right next to each other are the Blue Hole and the Inland Sea. These sites are the most well known on Gozo and lots of day trips come over from Malta to dive these two sites. The Blue Hole was once described by Jacques Cousteau as the best site in Europe. It has a short rocky walk to reach the sheltered entry point; you then can dive down the large cylindrical hole which is 16m deep and out of the arch into the open sea. There is also the Azure window at this site which is a spectacular archway which drops down to about 50m in depth. This site can be dived by all levels as the archway leading out of the hole starts at 6m so you can stick to your depth suitable for your level. This is a great site for barracuda and exploring the nooks and crannies in the wall of the blue hole for little critters and lobster.

Scorpionfish, Credit

The Inland Sea is close by the Blue Hole and starts as a very shallow confined bay linked to the open ocean through a tunnel. This tunnel is not fully submerged so you can surface at any time but have to be careful as lots of boats also use this tunnel to reach the open water. Once out in the sea the bottom drops off to over 50m. This is a fun dive with some dramatic views and great photo opportunities while swimming through the tunnel to the sea.

Blue hole, Credit

The combination of the varied underwater environment from caves, artificial shipwrecks and steep walls, to rocky and sandy sea bottoms gives Gozo a large variety of marine life to see. You can frequently see octopus hiding under rocks, squid, cuttlefish, stingrays, barracuda and much more. A lot of the wrecks now attract marine life and you can see some of the bigger schools of fish in the area hanging around them. There is also the chance to see seahorses, although you need to have excellent eyesight or be very lucky as they are masters of disguise blending perfectly into the environment around them.

Boat Diving

There are occasional boat dives for the further out wrecks and reefs. Most centres do not have their own boats and rent them as and when they have customers and a suitable day and winds to allow you to visit the offshore sites.

Nudibranch, Credit

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How to Get There

The island can be reached by flying into Malta’s International airport which accepts flights from all over Europe, then from Malta by ferry or seaplane.

Xlendi Bay, Gozo, Malta, Credit

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Other Activities

Gozo has an excellent range of activities on shore as well as in the water and it excellent for rock climbing and bouldering, relaxing on the beach and historic temples.

L+P inscription at the 5,500 year old Ġgantija temple ruins , Credit

The laidback atmosphere is wonderful for those wanting time out from there hectic everyday lives and a bit of peace and quiet after a dive.

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Mola Mola season

When is the best time to dive in Gozo and hopefully see Mola Mola??

Gozo diving forecast

Hi Guys

I'm planing to go diving in Gozo on august

Is there any forecast about the sea state?



Gozo Malta - Oct 3-11

Trying to find out what the approx water temp is for early October (3-11) And viz? Is this a good time to travel to Gozo?

Air temp at this time of year? do people wear dry suit here?

Apartment info: looking for a place to stay for just my husband & myself. Must be non smoking with kitchen A/C - any recommendations?


Nick T. Morrison

3 votes

Yeah Blue Hole is a must dive! Suit wise its borderline, depends how cold you get. A 5mm may be a little chilly, but 7mm wetsuit should be fine, although i personally would be wearing a dry suit or semi dry at the temp to be more comfortable

Abigail Booth

Abigail Booth

1 vote

Water temp should be around 20 deg C, Air temp wise it should still be pretty warm at that time of year still. Personally I wouldn't use a dry suit there at that time of year.


Liam Parker

0 votes

Blue Hole in Gozo is a classic dive site and a must do while you are in the area! You should get accommodation recommendations through the dive center you book with.

Rating 8/10

Blue Hole, Gozo, Malta

Gozo31 Aug 2011 - 31 Aug 2011

The Blue Hole is a very popular dive location on the island of Gozo. I completed my open water diver course here during a 45 minute dive. There is a bit of a hike over some rocky terrain in order to get to the Blue Hole, but it's well worth it. My instructor and I started off at the top of the hole, where we descended approximately 10 meters (if I am not mistaken) and exited going away from the Azurre Window. The views are spectacular (visibility: 20 m). Lots of fish to see: dentex, groupers, damsel fish to name a few. Tunas in the deeper locations. There's an abundance of "chimneys" which you can squeeze through, and rocks that you can also squeeze under.


Nathan Murphy

Looks fantastic - well done!

tumbler profile

Catherine Jones

Its a great dive, i completed my Deep Dive Speciality here!

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