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Tenerife, Spain


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Country: Spain  Area: Canary Islands

Water Temp: 17 - 25°C (63 - 77°F)

Visibility: 15 - 30m (49 - 98 ft)

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The largest of the Canary Islands has a dramatic landscape above and below water with its volcanic origins creating an underwater world full of spectacular rock formations and a rich diverse marine life.

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Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa, with its varied dive sites, warm waters, and great visibility Tenerife is one of the best places in Europe to dive. Very easily accessed from all of Europe with two international airports, one in the North and one in the South, Tenerife is the busiest and most visited of the canary islands and caters for everyone.



The climate in Tenerife is pleasant year round with warm winters and hot summers, but there are some variations between the North and South of the Island, with the north receiving the majority of the winter rainfall, while the south remains relatively sunny and warm. These winter months can also bring occasional strong winds which give surface swells which can sometimes cancel dive trips, although most of the south is protected from these northerly winds so dive centres can almost always find a location to dive. The calmest months with less winds and almost no rainfall are the months of May to September. Water temperatures are warm year round with the coldest temperatures of around 18C in February and the warmest month of August peaking at 26C.

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Tenerife’s diving is some of the best in Europe and has plenty of sites at all depths and for all experiences. Many sites have the intricate volcanic rock formations, basalt walls, caves and swimthroughs, but there is also a few wrecks to explore. The island has some very deep water very close to the coast which attracts the larger marine life to the dive sites which have various depths ranging from 10m down to greater than 40 or 50m. Most dive sites are reached by boat but there are also some shore entries. All the boat trips are quite short and you can usually fit three dives a day in easily.

The endangered Green Turtle can be found in Tenerife’s waters. One site that you have a great chance of spotting these beautiful creatures chomping away at the sea grass is El Puertito. This is a relatively shallow site with a max depth of 12m, so great for all experience levels which makes this a very popular dive due to the family of turtles that live in the bay. The dive is mostly focussed on watching the turtles, but an occasional Angel Shark, Ray, cuttlefish or octopus can be found if you keep an eye out.

A Tenerife must dive site is Stingray City known also as The Rays, El Aquario, Stingray Wreck and more variations. This site is a small wreck sunk onto the sandy floor at 20m and is home to a huge number of common stingrays, and a few eagle rays, butterfly rays and atlantic rays, and very, very rarely there have been sightings of manta rays! The stingrays here are frequently fed by the dive schools and you have the fascinating opportunity to get up close to these graceful creatures. There is also a huge amount of fish life, morays and critters hiding in the wreck, so a wonderful dive for photographers.

Due to the close by deep waters there are many dive sites only available to experienced divers. One such site is El Palm Mar which is 40m plus in depth with great visibility, mysterious caves and plentiful marine life. Many divers have died in the cave system so you can now only go into the entrance. This site has also been known for dolphin encounters underwater, so if you cross your fingers you might be lucky and spot these playful creatures.

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Other activities

The great scenery isn’t just found under the water, the strange lunar landscape of the island itself is breathtaking and it is worth taking time out from diving to take in the spectacular view of the volcanic slopes from the summit of Mt Teide.

Spain’s highest mountain, at 13,500ft and on a clear day it is possible to see Africa coast! Tenerife offers great diving but also there is so much more to enjoy on the island from the dramatic landscapes, beautiful beaches, many bars and restaurants and a huge range of water and land based activities.  

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I was just in Tenerife. The turtles are only partially visible. Rarely even. Would be great if you could change this!

regards jvo

tumbler profile

Catherine Jones

1 vote

Thanks Mac - we will change this to 'can see' in the calendar.


Mike Bednarz

0 votes

Agreed. Hard to see turtles there these days :(

Rating 6/10

Tenerife south

Tenerife25 Apr 2015 - 2 May 2015

Beautiful dive sites with small wrecks. In addition, a solid dive site with rays.

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