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Turkey is a contiguous transcontinental parliamentary republic, with a small part in Southeastern Europe and a larger part in Western Asia, hence the popular "where East meets West".

Turkey sports a myriad of diving destinations with spectacular underwater attractions. They are mostly found in the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts or the Turkish Riviera.

One of the popular dive sites is the Aladins Cave at Fethiye sporting a wall dive reaching up to 23 metres. On the descent you will see various marine biodiversity such as trumpet anemones, gem anemones, daisy anemones, strawberry anemones, devonshire cup corals, gold star coral, soft corals, dead man fingers, and several types of lace coral. There are also occasional sightings of moray eels, groupers, lobsters, crayfish, and shrimps.

For the wreck lovers, there is the Lighthouse dive at Kas sporting the wreck of an Ottoman boat at the depth of 22 metres with amphorae scattered in the area. There are also WW1 wrecks in Canakkale which are remarkably well preserved. The Lundy, sunk by torpedo on 15 April 1915 still remains in pristine condition on a sandbar at the depth of 27 meters in Suvla Bay. There are over 200 identified wrecks in the area, including the British Dreadnought warships Irresistible, Triumph, Ocean, Majestic and Goliath, the French Cruiser Bouvet and the Turkish cruiser Messudieh.

Advanced divers would love Rambo Cavern at Alanya. It boasts of a vertical wall dive right from the entrance to the cavern which is a wide tunnel about 14 metres deep. At 35 metres, a large cave is finally reached. This is a one of a kind dive because you literally surface and breathe the clean air and view the marvellous formation of overhangs and stalactites present in the cave.

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Turkey is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. It has the Kas-Kekova marine protected area, ensuring the survival of its rich marine life and underwater archaeological sites. Third party organizations are also working with local authorities to develop conservation plans and underwater protection guidelines for the area such as the WWF.

Turkey has a Mediterranean climate on its coastlines.

The water temperature hovers around 17°C (62F) in winter and around 26°C (79F) in Summer.

The diving season is year round but wet suits are required in winter.

The main point of entry to Turkey is through Istanbul's Atatürk International Airport. Note that because of security concerns, international flights are limited. It is a must to contact your travel agent.

There is a direct train from Europe to Turkey but take note that this is for those with plenty of time in their hands.

You can also travel with your car to Turkey from the Central Europe.

There is a plenitude of buses, express trains, and taxis in the mainland.

The general transportation system of Turkey is exceptional.

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