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Swanage, United Kingdom


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Country: United Kingdom  Area: United Kingdom

Water Temp: 10 - 20°C (50 - 68°F)

Visibility: 3 - 20m (10 - 66 ft)

Depth Range: 5 - 50m (16 - 164 ft)

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Swanage is a coastal town in the south east of the English county, Dorset. This Victorian era town beholds a heritage and prosperity that can be attributed to its unique place in the quarrying history of the country.

Further evidence of the Victorian era is one of the country’s few working steam railways that service the town and run to a regular schedule throughout the day. Tourists tend to flock here for the country walks, the coastal walks, the beaches and the scenery. Swanage is famous among divers for its access to several incredible wreck dives. Explore the 138 metre Kyarra which was torpedoed in 1918 and rest in 30 metres of water. The Betsy Anna, Fleur de Lys and Aeolian Sky were all sunk due to the channel’s notoriously savage weather conditions and rest at relatively shallow depths. The luxury passage liner, Aparima, which was also torpedoed lies in 42 metres of water and stretches an impressive 140 metres long. The coast of Swanage also provides several drift dives, ledges and piers to be explored.

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