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The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean not far from the coast of the East Africa. The nutrients rich waters of Indian Ocean brings a lot of excitement for all levels of divers.

The islands are organized into two groups: the Inner islands and the Outer islands. The Inner islands are interestingly mountainous so there are plenty of granite reef locations in the area. These islands all offer exhilarating dives for all levels of divers. On the other hand, the Outer islands sport coral cays and atolls.

One of the most popular dive sites in Seychelles is the Ste Anne Marine National Park Island, which is the first marine park in the vicinity of the Indian Ocean since 1973. Thanks to the government's stricter conservation efforts, it paid off with a plenitude of rich marine biodiversity including corals and a myriad of fish species.

The marine life in the Inner islands are simply breathtaking where squirrel fish, soldier fish, butterfly fish, angel fish, and sweepers frolic even on  shallow inshore reefs. However, diving farther almost assures plentiful sightings of reef marine life such as the invertebrate species like octopus, spiny lobster, Spanish dancers, and the magnificent nudibranch.

The Outer islands are gifted with richer marine life as most of the islands are largely uninhabited paving a way for unspoiled diving destinations.

All levels of divers would love larger pelagic fishes such as huge groupers, grey reef sharks, nurse sharks, silver tip sharks, potato brass and occasional sightings of the famed hammerhead sharks. There are also rare marine species in the area such as the African Pygmy Angelfish. The breathtaking Gorgonian fan area is home to the fabulous and elusive long-nosed hawkfish and the animated appearance of the yellow rubber lipped sweetlips.

Wreck divers would love the Ennerdale wreck in the vicinity of Mahe, which is now home to various marine life.

The most interesting fact for divers is that Seychelles sports two whale shark seasons: one in October to January  and the other in August.

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The government of Seychelles has been actively participating in marine conservation since 1973. There are stricter conservation rules in Seychelles not found in other countries in the world.

Seychelles has a tropical marine climate that is particularly hot (Northwest monsoon in March to May) and humid (Southeast monsoon in May to September).

The water temperature hovers around 28°C/82F in January to March and around 26°C/78F in July to September.

The diving season is year round but take note of the special whale season in October to January and August.

Natural hazards include cyclones and short droughts.

The main point of entry to Seychelles is the Seychelles International Airport near Victoria, which is its only international airport. There are not so many airlines flying to Seychelles.

Both international and domestic flights are served by Air Seychelles and offers daily flights between the major islands of Mahe and Praslin.

There are also boat rides to Seychelles and cruise ships mostly offer them.

There are also chartered helicopter rides to the islands. 

Major islands have buses, taxis, and rental cars.

The general transportation system of Seychelles is excellent.

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