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Marsa Ghalib, Egypt

Bannerfish and Masked Butterfly Fish

Beginner Intermediate Expert

Shore Day Trip Live Aboard

Family Friendly

Country: Egypt  Area: Egypt

Water Temp: 24 - 30°C (75 - 86°F)

Visibility: 20 - 60m (66 - 197 ft)

Depth Range: 2 - 45m (7 - 148 ft)


Marsa Alam is an Egyptian town located on the western side of the Red Sea and is home to the luxurious integrated resort community of Port Ghalib.

This premier waterfront property is situated on 18 kilometres of its very own virgin shoreline offering gorgeous beaches, top end golf courses, a fully functional marina and luxury hotel chains.While Port Ghalib was designed as an elite investment property, vacationers can choose from a multitude of three to five star resorts and hotels that will fit their budgets and promise an unforgettable holiday.

Directly off Port Ghalib’s shoreline lie several dive sites where adventurers can explore shallow coral reefs and sand shelves or plunge down steep drop-offs for an exciting drift dive. Other sites can be accessed via the resort’s high powered RIBs that will whisk you out to offshore pinnacles teaming with reef fish and Hawksbill turtles. Outside the resort community divers will find a multitude of locations rich in hard and soft corals, cavern systems and marine life such as dolphins, Hammerhead sharks and octopus. Once a small fishing village, the town of Marsa Alam and Port Ghalib are fast becoming one of Egypt’s premier dive holiday destinations.

Coral grouper, Credit

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Rating 9/10

Didn't expect anything, thus was surprised

Marsa Ghalib10 Aug 2017 - 20 Aug 2017

We dived 3 days with local dive center Aquarius.

Pros: Lots of turtles everywhere, nice coral, met many shrimps and curious unicornfishes on the night dive. We were lucky to spot dugong and dolphins.

Cons: Problems with organization, necessity to ride zodiacs(due to them I have problems with knees now)

In addition to that we spent 1 week on a liveaboard and must admit that 80% of nice videos I shot were during those 3 days of diving with Aquarius (Karim is the best guide ever!)

See also a link to my video (almost all of it was shot in Port Ghalib except for the sharks and barracudas that were in remote areas where we headed during liveaboard trip)



Vandra Allison

Loved the YT video Alla :)

Rating 6/10

Turtles , turtles and turtles

Marsa Ghalib7 Apr 2017 - 17 Apr 2017

The weather wasaint good and the visibility not eather , ive seened many turtles and fore a fiew swconds an eagle ray


Edward Callahan

Nice run of reports Constantin, useful for other divers to see!

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