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Jordan is an almost land-locked country in the Middle East except for the small outlet to the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba. It also has waters from the Dead Sea. Needless to say, Jordan sports breathtaking diving destinations from rich marine life to shipwrecks.

What really shine in Jordan diving are the thirty plus main diving sites in Aqaba sporting sheer drop-offs and splendid underwater scenery from pinnacles, corals to a plenitude of marine life. If you love underwater photography, you would be blown away by the amazing macro life in the area.

One of the most popular wreck dive site is the Cedar Pride which is an intentionally sunken Lebanese freighter in 1986 to become an artificial reef by the wishes of King Hussain to his son Prince Abdulha. It is now a popular diving attraction and has been quickly covered by soft corals and has attracted various marine life such as large sea bass, grouper, and barracuda not to mention seahorses that frequent the surrounding areas. Technical divers could also explore its interiors with the ship's hull lying just across two reefs offering stability for deeper penetration.

Another popular wreck is the Taiyong at 50m and is suitable for advanced divers only. It sports rich marine life and plenty of technical fun for the advanced divers.

There is also shark sighting and several large pelagic fishes in the Moon Valley which is an exhilarating deep dive.

Dead Sea diving is also loved by many divers because it offers very unique experiences like seeing the sea floor completely covered in salt.

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The government of Jordan is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. The establishment of the Aqaba Marine Park is a testament to this cause.

Jordan has an arid climate. The west experiences rains during the months of November through April.

The water temperature hovers around 19-28°C year round making the waters generally warm and with clear visibility.

Jordan's diving season is year round.

Natural hazards include droughts and sometimes earthquakes.

The main entry point to Jordan is through the Queen Alia International Airport 35km south of Amman going to Aqaba. International and domestic flights are served by Jordan's national airline, the Royal Jordanian Airlines. Other international carriers including British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, and many more also fly to Jordan.

Travel is also possible by train but they are considerably slow and some tracks are under renovations.

There are also buses, boats, and taxis. However, for your convenience and safety, it is best to contact your travel agent.

The overall transportation system of Jordan is good.

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