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Les Escoumins, Canada

Les Escoumins

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Country: Canada  Area: Canada


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Diving Les Escoumins, Canada.

Les Escoumins29 Aug 2014 - 2 Sep 2014

It is one of the best areas to dive in the north-east of the Canada. Marine Park is perfectly design for divers. You'll find an ample parking lot with an attendant ($7.80 a day per diver), large (complimentary) plastic carts to get your gears from the car to the benches or in the case of the "West Cric" dive-site very close to entrance to the water. Shower, lockers and large basin with fresh water right on the premisses.

By the way, there are three entrances located not too far from each other, but underwater it is one large area. You can enter at West Cric and 10 minutes later get out at the East Cric. Or proceed to the Anemone Bay.

Water's temperature, depending on the season and depth, can fluctuate between -3 to +7'C, so dry-suit is highly recommended.

Underwater life is plentiful and in large quantities. As soon as you submerge, you'll find "forests" of frilled anemones, plumose anemone, northern red anemone, and scarlet psolus. Also one can find an atlantic wolf fish, all kind of nudibranchs, sunstars of many color varieties, arctic sunstars, smooth sunstars, spiny lump suckers, fields of pink to red soft corals, polar sea-stars and much, much more.

Between dives you can observe as minke whales, belugas, dolphins and other pelagic animals resurfacing for to take a breath. One can also take a short trip for watch whales or, if you are a “Lord of The Ring” fan, you can drive an hour and get to the fjord of Saguenay. Scenery is breathtaking.

I truly believe that if you decide to visit Saguenay-Saint Laurent Marine Park, it will instantly become one your favorite places to visit and dive.

2014.08.31.East Crick Les Escoumins. Canada 4 2014.08.31.East Crick Les Escoumins. Canada 5 2014.09.01.Le Natakam Les Escoumins. Canada 3 2014.09.03.Le Natakam. Les Escoumins. Canada 3 2014.09.03.Marine Park Les Escoumins Canada 3
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2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

Randy, thank you for your comment, I like black background too, event somethinms one have to black it out in post production (to hide backscatter ;)

Jean Richard

Hello, actual water temperatures are more like -1C to +10. Seawater freezes at close to -1C. Did my first dive at Les Escoumins in 1982. Amazing area to dive.

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

Hello, Jean,how are you? Thank you for your comment. It is an amazing area to dive. This year we had a great visibility and were very lucky to experience Saguenay river as well (It is just an hour, hour and a half away from LE). As for my taste, diving at Saguenay even better than Les Escoumins. If you have a chance try it. And about seawater freezing ... I'm sure you know that it is all depends on concentration of the salt. As a rule it's begin freezing at about -2.2C (with the lowest content of salt -1.8) I can't guarantee calibration of the dive computer, but Steve said that it was showing -1C at the depth about 80-90 feet. By the way, temperature at the surface was about 15.5 C. Air temp ... about 29-30C and my Atomic regulator (environmentally sealed) freezed up at depth and I had to abort the dive.

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