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The United States of America commonly referred to as the US is a huge country in North America. The waters that surround it are from the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean sea, the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean. Diving in the US is extremely diverse for all levels of divers.

Some of the best dives are found in the Atlantic coast particularly in the Mizpah Corridor sporting great wreck dives. The Mizpah wreck, a Greek luxury liner that sank in 1968 is now an artificial reef. There is also the wreck of a patrol craft broken in two pieces called PC1170 just under the bow of the Mizpah. Then, there is the Amaryllis wreck with only the hull and bottom deck remaining.

The world's largest artificial reef is also found on the lower Atlantic Coast not very far from Pensacola - an aircraft carrier named USS Oriskany. From a carrier of destructive forces, she now serves as life-giving reef for several marine species.

Aside from wrecks, the fabulous manatees also frolic on the Atlantic coast in the months of November to April.

The warmer waters of the East Coast are where large pelagic fishes reside particularly in the North Carolina and South Carolina. The popular diving activity here is whale watching at Cape Cod not to mention the common sightings of angelfish, amberjack, barracuda, jewfish, sunfish, lionfish, turtles and sharks not far from the coast of South Carolina.

Advanced and technical divers would love the famed wreck of the U-85 resting at 34m. Turtles and sharks as well as other reef fishes love to frolic in the Sherman wreck at 15m, which is suitable for beginner and novice divers.

Diving in the Gulf Coast is a very rewarding experience as you get enthralled by the schooling scalloped hammerhead sharks and spotted eagle rays. These magnificent creatures are somewhat attracted to the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the months of January through March. The most interesting diving activity in the area is the mass spawning of corals in August not to mention the visiting whale sharks that engorge in its plankton rich waters.

California also sports Kelp Forest diving and whose waters are teeming with rich marine life including huge lobsters and the famed California Sea Lions.

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The US has always been a leader in marine conservation with extensive volunteer organizations spread across the world. There are several marine reserves in the US particularly the famous Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

The overall climate of the US is temperate. Alaska has Arctic tundra and tropical in South Florida. There is dry climate in the Great Plains and arid desert in the far West. California coast has a Mediterranean climate.

Florida sports a year round diving season with 19-26C average water temperature.

The East Coast sports a year round diving season as well with varying water temperatures; 49F/9C in January and 80F/26C in August.

The Gulf Coast also sports a year round diving season with 19-29C average water temperature.

Natural hazards include hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

There are multiple entry points to the US. Almost all states have their own international airports as air travel is the most convenient mode of transportation considering the vast size of the country.

Cruise ships also serve voyages to the US and the common entry points are Los Angeles and Florida.

Other than plane travel, buses, taxis and rental cars also abound in the US.

The general transportation system of the US is exceptional.

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