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Alor Island, Indonesia


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Country: Indonesia  Area: Indonesia

Water Temp: 22 - 29°C (72 - 84°F)

Visibility: 10 - 40m (33 - 131 ft)

Depth Range: 5 - 40m (16 - 131 ft)

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Alor is the last island furthest east and north in the East Nusa Tenggara province, more commonly know in Bahasa Indonesia as Nusa Tenggara Timur or NTT.

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NTT as a province is most famous for Komodo Island and it’s aboriginal inhabitants the Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis) and the Three Coloured Lakes of Mount Kelimutu on Flores Island.

Another international spectacle within NTT includes the annual “Pasola” festival of Sumba Island which is a ritualistic horse-ridden battle between different tribes or clans with spear throwing and eventual blood shed.

Nusa Tenggara Timur also is home to two of only a few International Whaling Commission (IWC) sanctioned whaling villages in the whole world. One is the village of Lamelera on Lembata Island, the other Lamakera on neighbouring Solor Island.

Throughout Nusa Tenggara Timur as a whole, most of the islands have kilometres of white sandy beaches perfect for holiday makers with water sports in their veins.

 Alor can best be accessed(by airplane) by first coming (flying) to Kupang. Alternatively there is a slow 18 hour ferry option Kupang to Alor for those divers for which time is not a factor or for those who’s traveling budget is on a shoestring.

With most world-travelled divers already knowing NTT via Komodo Island, more recently Alor Island has been in the spotlight for “World Class Diving” even though the original pioneer of Alor diving(Donovan Whitford) has been promoting and accommodating a diverse range of divers for more than 22 years (since 1992).

Frogfish, Credit

Alor offers a “World Class” mix of pristine reefs, amazing critters, heaps of fish with walls, slopes, canyons, drifts and exceptional visibility(20-40 meters) documented to be clearer than Komodo and Raja Ampat.

Alor snorkelling can be perfect with calm seas, clear water and shallow fringing reefs but special attention should be taken with regards to the unpredictable currents present in Alor. Alor island tours to Pura, Ternate and Pantar Islands mix diving, snorkelling, dolphin watching, beachcombing, meeting the locals and light trekking tours inland.

Common daily sightings for divers and even some lucky snorkelers include turtles, black tip, white tip and grey reef sharks, small spotted sting rays, dog tooth tuna, barracuda, giant trevally, giant napoleon and bump head wrasse, schools of jacks, trevallies and fusiliers, frog fishes, giant reef cuttlefishes, manta rays, giant reef rays, sunfish(mola-mola), moray eels, lobsters, pipe fishes, box and puffer fishes, sea horses, octopus and mantis shrimps just to name a few.

As Alor is geographically located within the “Coral Triangle” with more than 3,000 species of fish and 500 species of coral, be expected to be amazed by the richness that abounds within the waters surrounding Alor and neighbouring Pura, Ternate and Pantar Islands which are all accessible by a 30-40 minute boat ride from the small harbour town of Alor Kecil about a half hour drive from the main town of Kalabahi. Please note that there are no dive operators who have boats anchored or dive shops located in the small harbour town of Alor Kecil.

There are no hyperbaric chambers on Alor Island. The nearest chamber is located in South Sulawesi in Makassar, 900+km away. Accessible only by boat or air, this chamber is not really a viable option for emergencies.

School of Orange! Credit

Marine Conservation

Apart from marine conservation(read below) Alor locals guard and protect their own reefs located close to their villages from outside(from other parts of Indonesia) fishermen, so don’t be surprised if 75% of Alor best dive sites are directly in front of small villages scattered along the coastline of the islands.

Marine conservation throughout the Nusa Tenggara Timur region has been taken very seriously over the last 20-25 years with numerous NGOs (including The Nature Conservancy, aka TNC) working together with the local and federal governments to continually collect data, educate the local population and encourage sustainable fishing practises while creating appropriate zoning laws and regulations.

As a whole, Indonesia was quick to react to the threats posed by such disastrous fishing techniques like long lining, bombing, cyanide and commercial drag netting.

Seeing the devastation of other South East Asia countries marine habitats, Indonesia was quick to enforce strict fishing laws both federally and more importantly locally.

The fact that the reefs and marine life in and around Alor is still alive and thriving is a testament to Indonesian’s and the international community’s commitment to protect Indonesia’s marine environment.

Mantis Shrimp, Credit


Alor’s climate is particularly dry for nine months of the year with blue skies, a hot tropical sun which is perfect for diving and other water and beach related activities.

Monsoon season officially starts mid-January to mid-March and is only 2 months long.

Although the monsoon season provides more rain, the sea conditions for diving remain safe and comfortable for even beginner divers. There is a small period (+- one week normally around Chinese New Year) during the monsoon at which time wind and waves make the diving a little more challenging for novice divers while on the surface. Once underwater, diving conditions are perfect.

Some of the Alor dive operators remain open for business 365 days a year but others take a break for a few months normally around the beginning of January to the end of March even though Alor has NO OFF SEASON. This is why prior booking and confirmation before arrival is essential.

Sea and weather conditions for 300 days of the year are hot, sunny, smooth seas with 26-29 degrees Celsius water temp and up to 40 meters of visibility. Water temperature can drop to the low 20s when currents bring cold water up to diving depth but this is only common at a handful of locations. Air temp is between 28-33 degrees Celsius all year so don’t forget your sun cream.

Thorny Seahorses in Alor, Credit

Other Year Round Marine life

Note: All animals listed in animal calendar can be seen all year and do not appear to be seasonal.

Although many sighting of Orcas(Killer Whales), Whalesharks, Sunfish and Mantas by divers and snorkelers have been documented in Alor waters, they are encounters purely be chance. There is no dive site during any particular time (season) of the year that can be guaranteed to see these creatures.

Tiny Sea Cucumber, Credit

Information & Photos Kindly provided by: Dive Alor Dive

AlorPhoto Accreditations

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MuljadiPinnengSulungbudi - AlorDiving Photographs- http://pinneng.me/

After finishing his Open Water Diving Course in 2003, he did his 1st dive at a very famous diving spot in Alor called “Kal’s Dream” in Alor and that was when he knew he had fallen in love with underwater beauty. A couple of months later, he bought his first underwater camera and have since never left it behind when he  goes diving.

Exploring the beautiful waters of Indonesia, from the East as in Nabire-Papua to the far Western point of Indonesia: PulauWeh, the North as in Sangihe to the Southern point: Rote, he always try to record the underwater beauty of Indonesia in frames and photographs. But he also realizes that mere photos can never capture faithfully the true paradise that Indonesia has.
Being both a National and International winner of multiple Underwater Photographic Competitions, and as an in-house underwater photographer for DiveMag Indonesia, he is always striving to bend the rules of underwater photography allowing everyone to view Indonesia’s uniqueness in new and inspiring ways.

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Shore Diving

Because of the unpredictability of the Alor currents and the safety factor of having a boat to assist you in an unfortunate situation , beach diving outside of Kalabahi Bay has not been developed fully for normal diving trips.

Bobtail Cuttlefish, Credit

The Alor beach dives(within the Bay of Kalabahi) are done primarily for two purposes only. One is for training dives for new student divers (including children diving experience opportunities). The other shore diving activities conducted are “muck” or “night” dives because the shallow calm conditions for both these activities is perfect and also full of interesting things for either new divers, underwater photographers or strange critter seekers. ANY experience level is suitable for all shore diving. All shore diving mentioned in the text above is conducted within the bay of Kalabahi where the currents and diving conditions are suitable for these activities.

Shore day dives often allow us to see the normal reef corals with pipefishes, ribbon eels, flounders, pipe fish, a dozen species of shrimp, nudibranchs, lobsters, mantis shrimps, clown fishes and a myriad of different colourful reef fishes.

Shore night dives also offer the above sightings with the added bonus of seeing a range of strange nocturnal critters including snake eels, hairy frog fishes, bob tailed squid, flying gurnards, devil fishes, ghost pipe fishes, Pegasus sea moths and much more.

Wobblegong Shark, Credit

Boat Diving

All the diving in and around Alor is concentrated within the Pantar Strait and Kalabahi Bay and is accessed by day dive boats with most dive spots just a short 10-25 minute trip from some of the dive operators bases. If your dive operator has packages where you stay in the town of Kalabahi then expect a longer trip out to the “blue water” dive sites of Alor.

Because of the great diving in Alor, most guests opt for doing more than just the two mandatory dives a day and some dive operators offer up to four dives a day but you must confirm this when booking to avoid disappointment.

Some Alor dive operators provide fully personalised diving programs that guests can tailor to there own needs including three or four dive days, night dives, where a packed lunch can be enjoyed on one of the deserted white sandy beaches of Pura, Ternate or Pantar Islands between or after dives.

Diving around Alor caters for all levels of diver from beginners to experienced and there is a range of dive sites from shallow slope dives such as “The Aquarium” to deeper wall sites like “The Cathedral”. Every single dive site can be suitable for beginners as long as it is dived at the right time of day when the currents are at their mildest. Experienced divers can also get their “shot” of adrenaline with over 50 different dive sites to choose from, so in short there is something for everyone.

Pteraeolidia Ianthina, Credit

With Alor and the Pantar Strait being resident to hundreds of coral species and thousands of fish species be prepare to see giant gorgonians and black coral trees, enormous barrel sponges, several different types of pipefishes, giant frog fishes, ribbon eels, flounders, turtles, sunfish(mola-mola), sharks, giant rays(manta, eagle, devil and reef), lobsters, box and puffer fishes, mantis shrimps, giant napoleon and bump head wrasse, moray eels, spotted sting rays, clown fishes, giant reef cuttlefish and a myriad of different colourful reef fishes.

Also seen often are snake eels, hairy frog fishes, giant trevally, schooling fusiliers and jacks, bob tailed squid, flying gurnards, devil fishes, ghost pipe fishes, Pegasus sea moths, sea horses, octopus, crocodile fishes, lion fishes, scorpion fishes and much more.

Sea and weather conditions for 300 days of the year are hot, sunny, smooth seas with 26-29 degrees Celsius water temp and up to 40 meters of visibility. Water temperature can drop to the low 20s when currents bring cold water up to diving depth but this is only common at a handful of locations. Air temp is between 28-33 degrees Celsius all year so don’t forget your sun cream.

Zebra Crab in Alor, Credit

Liveaboard Diving

Although some liveaboards do pass through Alor, their dive guide’s limited knowledge of the area and unfamiliarity with the local currents and dive sites often results in negative comments from their guests. We hope this will improve in the future.

There are currently(2014) no liveaboards operating exclusively in and around Alor.

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How to Get There

Alor is quite easy to get to.

Enter Indonesia via Bali’s or Jakarta’s international airports.

Jakarta or Bali to Kupang has 7-8 daily flights with half of the flights being direct jet planes with under an hour and a half flying time.

Most days you can “same day” Jakarta or Bali-Kupang-Alor so it’s not always necessary to overnight in Kupang but ask your dive operator for the best flight plan as these flight plans do change sometimes.

Indonesia has a one month visa upon arrival for most countries but it is best to double check in advance with the embassy.

Pulau Alor, Indonesia, Credit

Do not purchase your Indonesian domestic flights from outside Indonesia. Ask your Alor dive operator to book and purchase these for you and then send them to you via email. You will save a lot of money this way. Some Alor dive operators DO NOT provide this service so you should check beforehand.

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Where to Eat & Drink

Kalabahi is the capital of Alor and itself has dozens of places to eat, almost all are small “warung” style small restaurants frequented mostly by the locals or visiting domestic travellers.

For the international tourist the alternative choices are few. This is not to say that the small roadside restaurants are inadequate because they do serve a varied range of foods.

Orang Utan Crab, Alor, Credit

On one particular seaside dedicated area (for small restaurants) located in the heart of town, know as “Reklamasi Binongko” there are dozens of small open air restaurants with everything from BBQ seafood to fried rice with sates and your choice of fresh vegetable dishes. 95% of the “Reklamasi Binongko” clientele are Indonesians so you know the food is cheap and fresh.

There are no nightclubs, disco or bars in Kalabahi.

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Other Activities

Other related activities in and around Alor include:

▪ Snorkelling off the beach

▪ Island tours

▪ Light or heavy trekking

▪ Hotwater springs

▪ Exploring deserted white sandy beaches

▪ Unique traditional weaving, handicrafts and carvings

▪ Traditional village tours

▪ Children diving experience opportunities with PADI Australian Instructor/Divemaster

▪ Bird watching tours

▪ Fishing tours

▪ Beachcombing/swimming/relaxing at any of the local white sandy beaches

Alor Island, Indonesia,Credit

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Prior booking and confirmation of travel and diving dates with a dive operator is essential.

Every Alor dive operation is owned and run by a foreigner. Most dive operators also have western divemasters but if it’s important to you then prior confirmation that you will be diving with a western divemaster/instructor is recommended.

Sea Urchin in Pulau Alor, Credit

Alor residents and vendors are extremely friendly and will almost never approach you with goods to buy or try to persuade you to enter their shops or restaurants. If someone approaches you on the street attempting to make conversation, it is NOT a scam but simply because they only wish to practice their English.

Alor locals still view western tourists as an enigma so be prepared to be greeted with friendly calls of “hello mister” followed up with a giggle or laugh throughout your stay.

Although there are NO metered taxis servicing Alor, there are some private unmarked mini-van taxis stationed at some of the hotels. Always agree on a price before getting into your taxi.

Rhinopias Eschmeyeri at night, Credit

It is NOT a scam, but most disagreements about taxi fare costs are due to the drivers(and therefore yours too) misunderstanding of the agreed destination or agreed price because of the language barrier.

Do not purchase your Indonesian domestic flights from outside Indonesia. Ask your Kupang dive operator to book and purchase these for you and then send them to you via email. You will save a lot of money this way.

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Alami Alor Resort - Undiscovered Till Now

Alor Island9 Aug 2016 - 18 Aug 2016

We found this amazing place by accident and having dived many resorts world wide understand what is good and bad.

Well worth the effort to get here, as it has an amazing array of dive site and for us Muck divers was brilliant and better than Lembah Strait for much diving and variety!

The hosts Max and Lauren have recently established this small resort and I'm sure in future there will be a waiting list to book.

Varied unspoilt diving with just a couple of other resorts in the area and after 30 dives we only came across other divers once.

Some of the reefs offer the best coral we have seen and variety of what you can see ranges from nudis to Hammerheads and even the odd thresher shark, plus many rare and unusual species.

The house reef is really good and even has mandarin fish to watch.

The best praise being that we have already booked to return whilst we can get in...

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