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Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia and is one of the world's wealthiest countries. Diving in Singapore is so popular that the reef has been damaged due to the huge volume of visiting and local divers. Nonetheless, there are ongoing efforts in rehabilitating the current nature of the reef.

Diving in Singapore is conveniently centred on Pulau Hantu island, which is 30-45 minute fast boat ride from Singapore mainland. Diving in the island is mostly reef diving and is perfectly suitable for beginner divers with very little experience. A single dive in Pulau Hantu ensures an exploration of about 250 species of hard corals comprising 40% of the coral species in Southeast Asia. The highlight of the dives of course is the huge number of resident reef fishes such as cuttlefish, flounder, cowfish, sea turtles, anemonefish, and seahorses. However, diving could get hampered by occasional strong currents and poor water visibility that sometimes goes up to 5m only but this doesn't stop many divers from frequenting the busy dive sites of Pulau Hantu for its warm waters and to simply sharpen their diving skills before going to more advance diving locations in Southeast Asia.

Wreck divers would also love the Sudong wreck not far from the coast of the southern region of Singapore. There is also the wreck of the HMS Goodwill, a sunken WW2 British freighter that is now ageing rapidly because of strong currents. This is suitable for advanced divers because of strong currents.

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The government of Singapore is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. There are ongoing rehabilitation programs of fully restoring the damaged reef in Pulau Hantu because of intense diving activities. Singapore also allows volunteers to contribute to its various marine conservation programs.

Singapore has a tropical climate.

Northeast monsoon happens from November to January.

The water temperature is generally warm for the entire year.

Singapore has a year round diving season.

Natural hazards include flash floods, which often happen during the northeast monsoon in November to January.

Singapore is one of Southeast Asia's largest aviation hubs and home to the most futuristic airports in the world. All major international airlines fly to Singapore so there's no shortage of flights here. Singapore Airlines is the flag-carrier and flies to many regions of the world. There are also low-cost carriers in Singapore namely; Tiger Airways, 'Jetstar Asia and Scoot.

There are numerous boats and cruise ships docking in one of Singapore's five ferry terminals.

Mainland transportation includes trains, buses, taxis and rental cars. There is also a good integration with taxi rides between Singapore and Malaysia.

The overall transportation system of Singapore is exceptional.

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