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Koh Hai (Koh Ngai), Thailand

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Country: Thailand  Area: Thailand

Water Temp: 28 - 31°C (82 - 88°F)

Visibility: 10 - 30m (33 - 98 ft)

Depth Range: 1 - 16m (3 - 52 ft)

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The tiny island of Koh Hai is an amazing diving location providing stunning topography, caves, sheer walls, soft corals and a diverse reef life. Only 4km by 2km this beautiful mountainous island is covered by forest and edged by quiet white sand beaches. Nature lovers can expect to see monitor lizards, crab eating monkeys and bird lovers have many migrating birds to spot!

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 Located on the Andaman coast just south of Koh Lanta, Koh Hai is a great island for a day trip from Krabi or Trang for the diving and beautiful scenery. A lot of the divers who come here are on such trips mainly from Koh Lanta. 

The islands spectacular mountain landscape continues below the surface providing divers with spectacular topography and many interesting features such as caves, overhangs, swimthroughs and sheer walls covered in pretty corals. As well as this excellent back drop the area provides a range of marine life from the usual reef life of the Andaman sea such as nudibranches, anemone fish, moray eels and other reef fish to the larger nurse and leopard sharks. The landscape of overhangs, caves and swimthroughs provide a perfect environment for these bottom dwelling sharks.

 The whole area has an average depth of 8m and max depth of 16m making it perfect for beginners. Also the shallow depth providing excellent light, stunning backdrop topography and abundance of marine life makes this a photographers paradise.

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We are two persons arriving to Koh Ngai 7 of dec...

...staying for five days, and we were thinking of taking Open Water certificate while staying. Is that possible, and what is the price?

Can we pay by master card?

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Catherine Jones

0 votes

Hi Sara - I suggest getting in touch with Rainbow Divers (also in Dive Center Tab) on the Koh Ngai location page) - they should be able to give you a bit more information!

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Catherine Jones

0 votes

Their email is; lothar@Rainbow-Diver.com

Sara Tilesjö

0 votes

Thankyou Catherine :o)

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