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Koh Mak, Thailand

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Country: Thailand  Area: Golf of Thailand

Water Temp: 27 - 31°C (81 - 88°F)

Visibility: 5 - 25m (16 - 82 ft)

Depth Range: 5 - 30m (16 - 98 ft)

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Koh Mak is a small and friendly island. Perfect holiday get away. Except there is no 7/11, no ATM, no lady bars, just beautiful pristine white beaches, clear water and stunning sunsets. There are nice local restaurants and a few bars. Koh Mak is a flat island, so perfect to explore the island by foot or bicycle.

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Koh Mak is in between Koh Kood and Koh Chang, so it is possible to dive on Koh Rang the National Park, Koh Chang to dive the famous biggest wreck of Thailand the HTMS Chand and dive on Koh Kood incl a visit at the Klong Chao Waterfall and of course it is possible to dive around Koh Mak.



Diving is possible all year around. June until September is green season, but still great for diving. The water temperature is between 27 and 31 degrees.

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Other Year round Marine life

Octopus, Angel fish, Banner fish, Box Fish, Trigger Fish, Fusilier, Nudi branch, Sting Ray, Parrot Fish, Barracuda & more!

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Tui Reef (Ao Phuk Waeng)

With 5 to 14m deep, this dive is mostly rocks. You will definitely love what this reef offers. With beautiful landscapes and variety of fishes and colourful corals, you will not miss it for the world.

Koh Maisi (Lak Uan reef)

Stonefish, eels, stingrays, sea anemone, and shrimps hover around this area between rocks and rich coral reef. Discover for yourself what made this place very special.

Koh Raet North and south

Located between Koh Rat and Koh Kood, these diving sites are often visited by scuba divers for regular dives and even snorkelling. With depth of 5 to 14m, stingrays, moray eels, catfish, razor fish, and school of small coral fishes roam around the reefs.

Laem Hin Dam

The boulders in this dive site becomes the residence of sea creatures like stingrays, eels, and nudibranch. It's depth is 5 to 12m, which give divers an advantage to see a beautiful scene...

Ao Klong Chao

This reef is perfect for beginner divers, night dives, and for those who do refresher dives. There are lots of sea creatures like starfish, octopus, and crabs that lives in those healthy and beautiful corals.

Hin Yedhi and Ao Tum

Depth of 5 to 14m

The dive spots here are rocky with beautiful and colourful coral reefs. Parrotfish, lionfish, jack, and batfish and don't forget turtles.

Hin Bang bao (Hin Loy)

Depth 5 to 15 meters

Nudibranch, groupers, sweet lips, fusiliers, parrotfish, shrimp and more turtles live here. This area is a  home for these sea creatures and a very exciting place to dive. It’s definitely a good spot for night diving because of abundance of crustaceans.


Hin ga daeng (Koh Rang pinnacle)

Loc 1 km nw of Koh rang

Depth average 15m / max 30m

The deepest dive around Koh Rang.  Great spot for photography. This multilevel site is perfect for divers. In here, you will find big barracuda, porcupine, groupers, triggerfish, turtles, nudibranches, sweet lips and schools of batfish. Enjoy the dive but watch out for the strong and unpredictable current.

Koh Tien West

Depth average 10m, max 16

Located  just northwest of Koh Rang, you will definitely amazed how this island recovers. This was mostly destroyed due to dynamite fishing and fishing boat anchors. On the Southside of the island is the biggest formation of a stag horn coral that serves as protection for fishes that resides there. A snorkelling site if you're looking for something light.                                                                  

Hin Kuak Ma (or three finger rock)

Loc about 1 km ne of Koh rang

Depth average 10m, max 16m

One of the greatest dives where one can encounter a bamboo shark or turtles. The south area is a rock wall where you can find eels, nudibranches, and stonefish and the backside of the rock is a slope with corals and in them are lots of fish. You can find blue-spotted stingrays, moray eels, blue-ringed angelfish, and parrotfish. The area is also great for snorkelling when there is no current.

Koh Yak and Koh Laun

Loc about 1 km ne of Koh Rang, in the south

Depth average 8 m, max 12m

A diver's favorite because of the rich coral reef & abundance of coral fishes. Small island, shallow waters, perfect adventure.                                                                  

 Koh Tong Lang and Koh Kra

Loc about 1.5 km ne of Koh rang, north

Depth avarage 7m, max 12

Snorkellers favorites. Yet these islands also is a good spot for diving. The coloured rocks here give shelter for lots of fishes and the coral is healthy and the colour variation is spectacular. One can see big table corals, stag horn, and anemones. 

Koh Wai

South of Koh Chang, this paradise island is perfect for dive trainings and for day trip or staying overnight. Great for snorkelling but shallow for diving. 

HTMS Chang or Koh Chang wreck

Sunk last November 22, 2012 this 100m long ship is great for  wreck dive since the bottom is on 30m, top deck on 21m, and the captain’s cabin and mast on 12m almost to the surface. This is the biggest wreck in Thailand. This become the home for fishes and marine life like the Barracuda, grouper, squid, octopus, batfish, and shrimpfish. Wreck Chang is close to Koh Chang a perfect combination to either Hin Luk Bath or Hin Raab.                                                                  

Hin luk bath

Loc around 3 km southwest of Koh chang

Depth average 11m / max 25m

Great for night diving, surrounded by big boulders this dive site's deepest point is 25metres. One of the best dive sites around Koh Chang. Hin Luk Bath offers refuge to plenty of fish, Moray Eels, parrotfish, stingrays, snappers, groupers, butterfly fish, banner fish, barracuda, and angelfish. The abundance of Christmas tree worms makes this spot colourful. A must visit side of the world.                                                                                                                   

Hin Raab South (locals call it Hin Laab)

Loc 5 km south of Koh Chang

Depth average 11 / max 16

Hin Raab South or Hin Laab has two dive sites. First dive is around the rock where sea turtles, porcupine fish, stonefish, stingrays, moray eels, barracuda resides and if you're lucky you can find whale sharks here. The abundance of soft coral is simply attracts for variety of marine life.

Second site is off to the north. Great visibility ranges from 3 to 20m. A bit deeper and home for morays, angelfish, groupers, triggerfish, anemone fish, parrotfish and turtle. Area is good for snorkelling.

Hin Tai Nam (populaire benaming is Blueberry Hill)

Depth max 16m Loc 5 km south of Koh Chang, not much coral except to the South area.yet great site for batfish, nudibranches, eels, rays, and groupers.

Hin rua tek (Banana rock)

Located 3 km south of Koh Chang,  this rocky dive site is also good place to snorkel.  Most divers love this spot as well. Big table coral, sponges, and gorgonian coral is present.

Hin saam sao

Depth average 11m / max 16m

Located northwest of Koh Chang, with vis 2 to 10m, this spot has rich marine life hovering around. Due to it's closeness to the land this area can sometimes has poor visibility. Other side of the reef was destroyed by dynamite but now recovering.

Hin laab north

Located 5 km south of Koh Chang, this dive site is close to Hin Saam Sao. Max depth 18m. Visibility from 2 to 10m. 

Koh Khlum

Loc 5 km south of Koh Chang

Depth 5 - 10m

There are few dive sites around here which are good for beginner divers. Depth is from 5 to 10m.

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How to Get there

There are daily speedboats from Leam Gnop pier to Koh Mak. The last speedboat is 1 4pm. Make sure you made a reservation I high season. The nearest airport is Trat airport. 

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Where to Eat & Drink

There are a few bars all over the island, no nightclubs. There are local Thai restaurants and also place to have foreign food. 

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Other Activities

Kajak, disc golf & snorkelling are few of the activities this island has. 

Family Friendly

There is diving from the beach possible for the bubblemakers. In Koh Rang it's possible to dive from the beach. On the boat, snorkelers are more than welcome to see the beautiful underwater world and enjoy the amazing beaches. 

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