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Cook Islands

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Country: Cook Islands  Area: Cook Islands

Water Temp: 23 - 30°C (73 - 86°F)

Visibility: 30 - 100m (98 - 328 ft)

Depth Range: 5 - 40m (16 - 131 ft)

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The Cook Islands are comprised of 15 volcanic atolls in the South Pacific, northeast of New Zealand. This chain is divided into two distinctive groups, the North and South atolls.

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All of these islands boast gorgeous white sandy beaches, an inviting culture, warm climate and several different adventurous ways to explore their individual attractions. A multitude of tropical bird species, palm fringed blue lagoons, thick forests and mysterious cave systems are just a few of the “must see” items that await visitors of the Cook Islands.

Most of the dive operators are located in the southern islands of Rarotonga and Aitutaki. The more famous sites include the Mata Vera Drop-off that explodes with different varieties of coral, the Ngatagiia Swimthroughs noted for its unusual and rare tropical fish species and the Papua Canyon which is home to a large population of Spotted Eagle rays. Humpback whales can be spotted during the months of July through October and there are also several artificial reefs to explore. Diver reviews rave about the excellent service and high level of professionalism experienced while diving with several Cook Island operations.

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