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Micronesia is a sub-region of Oceania in the northwest. It is comprised of thousands of small islands in the western Pacific Ocean ensuring a perfect diving experience which according to many divers that have visited the islands is a world-class scuba destination.

Diving in Micronesia is diverse but most of them are concentrated on the four main archipelagos and the far-flung islands. There are plenty of diving activities for all levels of divers and the water visibility in almost all of the dive sites is superb.

Wreck divers would love the island group of Chuuk. What makes it very interesting is that it serves as the tomb for over a hundred war wrecks from ships to fallen fighter planes since Japan used it as a base in WW2. The area sports superb water visibility and is now teeming with marine life as the wrecks have transformed to artificial reefs not to mention the exhilarating coral reef on the sea floor. One of these wrecks is the Fujikawa Maru, a fleet carrier which was the gem of Japan's Empire. Technical divers could explore Japanese ingenuity from the traces of sunken engineering marvels at the bottom of the lagoon.

Another island is Kosrae sporting virgin reef and crystal clear waters reaching 200 feet. Hard coral abound in the area with over 170 species and some soft coral too. There are also large pelagic fishes including the fabulous bottleneck dolphins and whales which are regularly seen in the area. For wreck divers, the Henrietta and Waverly wrecks now serve as home to various marine life.

For those wanting to see more anemones and soft corals, head straight to Pohnpei known as the Garden Island.  The water visibility is superb and there are schooling gray reef sharks too for the advanced divers who are able to dive as deep as 37m. Pohnpei also sports huge mantas in the Manta Channel which is a known manta cleaning station.

However, nothing beats the island of Yap when it comes to mantas where divers could practically fly with the mantas in the island's sloping reefs and sheer drop-offs.

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The government of Micronesia is an active participant in marine conservation efforts. There are also many active third party participants sharing the same goal of preserving the rich marine biodiversity in Micronesia.

Micronesia has a tropical climate.

The water temperature hovers around 21-26°C/70-80F for the entire year.

Micronesia sports a year round diving season.

Natural hazards include typhoons in June to December particularly in the eastern islands as they are located on the typhoon belt.

The main point of entry to Micronesia are the international airports in Pohnpei, Yap, and Chuuk. Most international flights connect through Guam.

There are also boat rides and liveaboards going to Micronesia.

All the major islands have their buses, taxis, and cars for hire.

However, for your convenience, contact your travel agents as Micronesia is quite remote.

The general transportation system of Micronesia is good.

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