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Can you dive here at any time of year?

When is the peak season? (Also is this best to avoid due to it being really busy or is it genuinely the best time to dive?)


Alexandra Holler

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Hi Leanne, Carriacou is a very peaceful island and a little bit off the beaten track, so peak season here does not get super-busy... Most people come here between October (after the end of the rainy season) and June, as the weather tends to be sunny throughout and temperatures are milder and humidity is lower during these months. Water temperatures are between 26° - 29°C (78°-84°F) and a shortie wetsuit is all that's needed most of the time. Carriacou is beautiful any time of year, and as it's so close to Grenada, you may wish to consider a holiday taking in both Grenada's underwater sights and Carriacou's amazing reef life. All the best, Alex


Leanne Howard

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Hi Alex - thanks for you reply! Really useful - thanks! :) Hoping to get out there later next year! x

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