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seeking advice re grand cayman jan or feb

We're thinking of diving in Grand Cayman, though the water temps may only be around 78 degrees. Anyone been to Compass Point? Other options/advice, please let us know.


Lobster Pot Dive Center

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Compass Point is in the quiet East End away from Seven Mile Beach with all its hotels, resorts and condo's. The surface conditions there can be quiet choppy and rolling since it's more on the windward side but underwater it's great. If you're looking for calm surface conditions you'd probably be better off staying and diving on the west side of the island. Despite all the resorts and condo's on Seven Mile Beach's main drag, you can still find places to stay that are quieter like, for example, the condo's to the north of Calico Jacks and Tiki Beach, closer to West Bay. All the dive centers will pick you up and drop you off again after diving. If you book a two tank dive, you'll start with a deep wall dive followed by a shallow reef, wreck or top-of-the-wall dive. There are many operations with large boats that carry a lot of divers, including students, but also many smaller operations with small boats that carry a maximum of around 6 certified divers. Enjoy!


Morgan Bennett

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I have not stayed there.. a good friend of mind did and really rated it!


Desmond Metzler

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Not been to compass point but ive been to Grand Cayman and had a great trip

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